How to Be a Better Person


They say that “when you slam a door here, you can hear it in China.” When it comes to how we act, what we say, and how kind we are to other people, we’re either giving off positive energy or negative energy. 
If we all close our doors gently, instead of slamming them, the world will be more peaceful. Love and kindness are the best cures to nearly everything. Love and kindness are the best ways to heal, and the best ways to bring more goodness into this world. Spreading love and light through what we say and how we act can make a big difference.

There are many things that we can each do as individuals to do our part when it comes to being kind. For starters, we can be selfless and giving. We can be more conscious of our ego, our expectations, and we can try to acknowledge when we’re being greedy, and work towards being more humble, appreciative, charitable, and generous. We can strive towards being a better person by appreciating what we have in life, focusing on the positive, and putting more hard work and effort towards what we hope to achieve in life, instead of having expectations for things to casually fall into our laps. We can be less assuming, and work on being more hopeful instead.

It’s important to be optimistic in life, and to keep ourselves in check when we see that we’re falling off the deep end and becoming negative or pessimistic. We need to be the best version of ourselves and be willing to acknowledge just how imperfect we all are. We shouldn’t let the desire for perfection take over. But instead, we should recognize when it’s nothing more than a mere reflexion of our ego. We shouldn’t let perfectionism hold us back or bring us down if we happen to momentarily lose hope, faith, or confidence. We need to stop putting ourselves down. We should keep our chins up just enough to feel confident, but not arrogant. We need to focus on what we have in life, instead of on what we lack. We need to hold up our end of the bargain, do our share, be fair, keep our word, be honest, and be righteous with the choices that we make in life.

When we see someone who is struggling, be willing to help them by inspiring them. Give them a push, a jump start, and the feeling of hope. Inspire others through your words, your actions, and by letting them know that you believe in them. Lift one another’s spirits when you see someone is down, depressed, or struggling and going through challenging times. Don’t put them down for it, abandon them, or bully them into a corner where they’ll lose hope, faith, and forget their self-worth and completely lose their self-esteem. Be a source of light and strive towards being in a state of zen where universal happiness and enlightenment is the goal.

Be a pillar of strength for when others are in need, and for when you need to be your own backbone, finding resilience in yourself. Be gentle, patient, and warm when you see someone is sensitive, overly sensitive, or hasn’t yet embraced the essence of light. Improve your presence and energy by being gentle with your eyes, your smile, and your voice. Be calm, but be determined and go after what you want in life. But do so, without hurting others or stepping on toes to get there. The righteous path isn’t always the easiest path. But remember not to settle for short term light and long term darkness. Take the long road, but the one that you’ll find peace with in the end.

Believe in yourself, and set an example by knowing your self-worth. But remember to believe in others as well by remaining humble and accepting. Accept your imperfections and areas of needed improvement. Acknowledge them, own up to what needs work, and work hard towards improving them so that you can truly be a better person, a better version, the only version that you should be. Be the best version of yourself. Be whole, complete, and solid. But not so solid that you lose all sensitivity or empathy towards others, and the world around you. And remember, in our darkest moments, sleep it off, don’t over-think, don’t become negative, and never lose hope, because tomorrow is a new day, and the sun will always shine with new opportunities, new chances, and a fresh clean slate.

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