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Being a great conversationalist and knowing how to communicate well go hand-in-hand. Part of being a great conversationalist involves being a great listener, and part of being a great listener involves many of the following things I’m going to share with you. Just keep in mind that self improvement is not something that can be acquired, unless a person is willing to put in the effort and love in improving themselves. As well, no one can improve their communication with others or anything else in life if they’re living in denial.

First of all, no one wants to listen to someone that acts like a know-it-all. Nothing is appealing or sexy about someone who acts like they know everything. In case the reason isn’t obvious to some, people like being around others that are willing to hear them out, hear their views, and listen to their opinions, even if might not agree with them. There’s no way of even knowing whether or not you agree with someone if you don’t give them a chance to speak or hear them out. As well, there’s no way to hear anyone out if you’re busy doing all the talking, and not letting them get a word in.

One of the great advantages of listening to someone else talk is that you might actually learn from what they have to say. Think about it. You already know the information that’s inside of your head, because you want to say it. Therefore, it’ll benefit you much more to hear what others think, because not only might you learn something new, but there’s always the possibility that you might agree with they have to say.

Maybe the person you’re speaking with will say something logical that will hit home with you and strike a chord in some way. Perhaps in your next conversation with someone else on the same subject matter, you might view things differently or even have even more information on the subject. Either way, it’s always good to have an open mind and hear others out, because like I said before, part of being a good conversationalist is being good listener.

Something else to consider when it comes to being a great conversationalist is that you should have a certain amount of knowledge in whatever you’re disgusting or talking about. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge in what you’re discussing, then that’s even more of a reason to listen more than you speak.

Another thing that’s important when it comes to being a great conversationalist is the way that you express yourself and communicate your thoughts and opinions to others. If you walk around with an attitude where you come across as pompous and arrogant to others, no one’s going to even bother to give you the time of day, let alone listen to all of your mumbo-jumbo arrogance. It’s not going to matter what type of crazy-intelligent thing that you might know or want to share with someone, because if you’re not going to be kind, polite, respectful, as well as open to hearing other people’s views, no one’s going to want to bother listening.

It’s important to be fair when it comes to communicating with others. Being fair plays a big role in how well you communicate. Everyone should get a turn to talk, and everyone should have enough poise and respect for the other person to be able to listen to them. The way that you talk to others and respond to what they have to say shows what type of character you have, and will definitely play a big role in whether or not the person will ever want to talk, discuss, or debate with you again. This goes for everyone, whether you’re the debating type of person and you’re talking politics or whether you’re someone who prefers to avoid political discussions and heavy topics.

The way that you communicate to others should be done in a kind way where you’re not closed minded to the point where you act stubborn, egotistical, and arrogant. Arrogance is ugly and no one wants to feel controlled or unable to share their thoughts in a conversation. Being fair is imperative when it comes to being a great conversationalist.

When it comes to relationships, having good communication is everything in regards to having peace in the home (shalom bayit). We all need to feel inner peace for ourselves and our own well-being. But, part of that inner peace and happiness starts in the home, and in the environment in which we reside.

The way that we handle arguments and confrontation with our partner and loved ones when they’re upset can make a big difference on how much peace we have in our home. This is why great communication plays a big role in how much peace we have in our homes. The better that we’re able to communicate our feelings to others, the more happiness that we’ll feel from within, and frankly, the healthier and better off our romantic, work, and social lives will be.

It’s always good to strive to be a good conversationalist and to work on better improving our communication with others. Being a great conversationalist and being able to communicate well plays a big role in our lives in every way. It’s important not to get arrogant or feel that we know it all, because if you really think about it, no one really knows it all, and we should all be open to learning new things.

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