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Deciding to get a tattoo is a big step in life. You’ll be marking your body with an image or inscription that will stay on your skin forever, which is why you should be smart about your choice of tattoo. You don’t want to wake up one day and want to have the tattoo removed but be happy and have the tattoo remind you of something beautiful and memorable in your life. If you’ve decided to get some new ink, check out what you need to have in mind before making this huge step in your life.

Go to the Right Tattoo Artist

First and foremost, when you decide to get a tattoo, you should look for an experienced tattoo artist. It’s essential that the person you’re trusting know what they’re doing and can offer you any type of guidance regarding your tattoo choice. It would be best if you had a friend or a friend of a friend who knows a good tattoo artist because you could see their work first-hand and know whether they’re worth trusting or not. Therefore, it’s good to ask around.
A good tattoo artist will let you know which body part is good for which type of tattoo, whether you’ll be in pain if you decide to have a big image on your forearm, or if it’ll hurt less on some other part of the body. They’ll also know how to make you feel comfortable if you’re having a tattoo for the first time and need a bit of relaxing before the process starts.

Think Your Tattoo Choice Through

It’s essential that you don’t have a tattoo on a whim. Getting ink on the spur of the moment will only make you regret it eventually, which is why it’s vital that you know for sure that you’re ready and want to have a specific tattoo on your body. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to handle the pain, go for small, delicate tattoos and maybe you’ll be ready for a larger one the next time around. If you want to go for something exceptional, choose a unique Japanese tattoo that you can have on your shoulder blade, or maybe your upper arm. Do not go to the tattoo salon drunk, but make sure you’re well aware of the choice you’re making if you don’t want to regret having the tattoo in the first place. 

Visit the Salon Beforehand

If you’ve found a tattoo salon online or whether you got a recommendation, make sure you visit the place before you decide to have a tattoo there. You should check whether it’s clean enough, if the artists are using all the protections needed, and if they are keeping the equipment sanitized and maintain it well. Having a tattoo can cause various health issues, which is why you should be 100% sure you’re coming to the right place.

Listen to the Tattoo Artist’s Advice

You may think you want your tattoo to cover your entire upper arm, but before you tell the tattoo artist that’s what you really want, let them advise you on that. They know best after all, and if they say what you wanted would not look the best on the body part you chose, consider their opinion. Feel free to ask whether the placement, the design, the colour, and even the size is appropriate and know that whatever they said is based on experience. Just because you think you know better doesn’t mean that’s the case this time too. If you do not want to spend tons of money on tattoo removal, always listen to the tattoo artist’s advice.

Stick to a Cohesive Design

Another important thing to remember is that your body is a canvas and once you decide to have your second, third and even more tattoos, you have to make sure it fits the previous one(s). No matter how spectacular and trendy the tattoos are, unless they look good all together, you’ll look ridiculous showing them off around. Don’t risk creating a bunch of unrelated styles, shapes, and themes, but think of a cohesive design that will create a stunning image made of several fascinating tattoos.

If you decide to get a tattoo, make it a smart and well-thought-out choice. It’s crucial that you pick a design that you’ll want to have on your skin for the rest of your life and to have it done by an experienced artist who can also give you a useful piece of advice in case you have any doubts or are about to make a decision you’d regret soon.

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