How to Ensure a Sanitary Home During a Remodel



If you plan to remodel your home, you should take measures to ensure a cleaner setting throughout your project. The project will still create some messes around your home, there are still effective ways to keep your premises tidy. If you plan ahead, you’ll have an easier time getting everything back in order when the work is complete. It can, though, be difficult to know where to start. These four tips will help you ensure a more sanitary home during a remodel.

Cover Furniture as You Remodel

You can use plastic to cover couches, chairs, and bookcases to keep them safe from dirt, dust and other debris. The covers will prevent soil from getting into their cracks and crevices and dulling the finishes. You’ll definitely want to apply plastic coverings on any heavy furniture or other items that you cannot remove from your home. Use tape to secure the plastic coverings in place so that they don’t fall off at any point during the renovation. In the morning, before you begin the day’s work, double check your coverings to check if they need to be secured.

Clean Remodel Areas at the End of Each Day

Whether you’re doing the work yourself or you’ve hired contractors, clean each area at the end of every workday. Cleaning consistently will prevent messes from accumulating. Additionally, it will prevent the final clean up from being more difficult. An air scrubber works great for eliminating dust particles and other debris that accumulate in large amounts if not cleaned frequently. To make this simpler, make a list of cleaning jobs that should be finished before you stop work for the day.

Keep Forbidden Items Out of Drains

Certain items should never be put down drains. You’ll want to make sure that both you and any contractors you hire don’t dispose of forbidden items in this manner. Putting certain items down drains can block pipes and even affect entire septic tank systems. That may cause waste to back up into your home and leave an unpleasant mess. Items you should never flush down drains include paper towels, paint, and solvents.

Create Designated Paths for Foot Traffic

Carpet scraps and heavy canvas tarps work great for creating designated paths along hallways and other access points. You and your contractors should only walk on the materials you placed to prevent dirt and mud from spreading throughout your home from the foot traffic. Cleanings along these paths should still be performed to keep your premises tidier. Keep an eye out for loose materials or debris as you move from room to room.

Maintaining a cleaner home while remodeling is possible if the right system is put in place. Take the time to plan for keeping things clean as you remodel. If you cover furniture in affected areas, create designated paths, properly depose of waste, and clean carefully, your project will stay tidy. If you make the extra effort to ensure a sanitary home, your home renovation project can be a less-messy experience.


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