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Planning a holiday for yourself is sometimes troublesome enough, with a fantastic array of options and an overwhelming amount of destinations to choose from. However, trying to plan the perfect destination for you and your partner, ensuring you get the best for both of you, can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you enjoy different things.

Here are a few things to think about when planning your next holiday for you and your partner.

Long Term Couples

Long term couples will often already know the destinations each other love most; perhaps you both enjoy relaxing on a beach for weeks at a time, or maybe you prefer exploring a brand new location, seeking unique, interesting spots to spend quality time together. You may even have a location where you visit year after year. After a few holidays together, you know which elements to take forward into your next trip. However, why not branch out from your usual hotspots and try somewhere new?


If you always choose an all-inclusive package holiday at one of the many tourist destinations, why not look further afield and change the type of getaway you book? A villa holiday, for example, is an ideal way to explore a new location with a home away from home to relax in after a busy day. There is a range of LGBT holidays to choose from at James Villa, which include incredible locations such as Orlando, Ibiza, Mykonos, and Malta. Wherever you decide to go, going together will ensure you create beautiful memories to last a lifetime.


A honeymoon isn’t the same as any other holiday, and it needs to be special. That being said, you need to ensure that as a married couple, you don’t compromise on what you define as ‘special.’ Some people may consider a honeymoon to be a luxurious tropical private island or a private suite in a fancy hotel, but if you and your new husband or wife prefer a more active, backpacking, budget sort of honeymoon, then go with what’s perfect for you!

A honeymoon is a chance to truly find some peace and alone time after one of the most exciting and important ceremonies of your life. So even if you are opting for a more active destination, it’s a good idea to ensure you’ll get some privacy during your trip.

Do your research and try and find the best honeymoon inspiration for what you want out of your trip.

After planning a wedding (a stressful experience to say the least!), don’t compromise on what you’re expecting out of the perfect honeymoon. It may be a good idea to speak to your partner months in advance about how you both envision the honeymoon.

New Couple

That first holiday for a new couple is an important one. Some people say that a couple’s first holiday together makes or breaks the relationship – but don’t let that put you off! Experiencing a new travel destination with your new partner is an exciting experience, and it’s advisable to take the time to research what works for both of you and use it as a tool to further get to know one another better.

You may not yet have had the discussion about which holiday types you both prefer, but now is the time to be open and honest on what you like out of a holiday. It’s also important to be open-minded, however. If your new partner prefers a holiday you’ve never considered before, don’t be quick to veto it. Your new partner may be able to introduce you to new travel destinations and experiences you wouldn’t usually consider, and vice versa.

Being honest during your first holiday is vital for the relationship, as you don’t want to pretend you like a beach holiday if actually, you prefer winter fun. If your new partner then thinks you like beach holidays, they might continue to suggest them further down the line.

Consider Travel Arrangements

Once you’ve decided on the perfect destination, you need to contemplate how you’re going to travel. Consider the following:

  • Can you and your partner share the driving if you’re hiring a car? If only one of you has a driving license, are you prepared to drive the entire time?
  • Are you and your partner comfortable with flying? If not, do you need to consider alternative means of getting there? Do all locations cater for an alternative, such as a coach?
  • Do either of you get sea-sick? If so, a destination-based around boat trips or ferry travel might not be the best option.
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