How to Furnish a Home With Art and Paintings – As Seen in Florida Art Galleries



Although you do not think of yourself as an art enthusiast or savvy, you can, for the most part, effortlessly decorate or furnish your home with art and paintings. Showcasing art and paintings is an excellent way to groom and upgrade your walls, establish a flow to the decorations of your home, and build conversation pieces.

Whatever your budget, whatever your taste and preferences, you can, believe it or not, furnish your home with art and paintings to add panache and character. But of course, you need to follow some rules when it comes to displaying art and paintings.


By following a few rules, you can undoubtedly hang paintings and art around your home without it being distracting, disturbing, and overwhelming. Keep in mind that artwork does not have to overpower the design of your home. It should boost and elevate them. For a little help, here’s how you should decorate your home with art and paintings. Read on!


The first thing on the list is scale. A crucial determinant when furnishing your home with paintings or artworks is the scale of the object in the context of the room. Simply speaking, wherever you plan to put or hang the art, it must fit or complement into the respective scale of the rest of the area or room so that it will not get blocked or distracted by other objects.

Say, for instance, when mounting artwork over a piece of furniture such as a couch, the rule of thumb is to look for a piece of art or painting that is approximately or about the same size as the piece of furniture next to it or below it. This rule will help create a sense of harmony and balance.
Also, you can fuse or mix small-sized pieces to scale.

You can utilize the rule of three when it comes to hanging art or using 3D pieces to occupy the space on the wall. Moreover, it can dispense a sense of scale.
For instance, for space above a piece of furniture, utilize three paintings or pieces of art that are, for the most part, about the same size. In that sense, you can hang three sculptures, paintings, or portraits. Organize them accordingly so that they complement together and occupy the space that a larger, single pattern may have covered, keeping in mind the scale of the furniture they offset.


Although having paintings and artwork in your beloved home is a great idea, congesting and overfilling them is not a good idea. Thus, with that said, leave an ample amount of space between paintings or sculptures, and provide them room to be striking on their own without overwhelming or distracting the other pieces.

Except if the pieces are, for the most part, closely connected by the subject represented in a work of art, it is best to split them up. For instance, if you have about twenty pieces of artwork mounting on a wall, your space no longer has focus, and the artworks become obscure and dim instead of a focus. Keep in mind that art must serve as a distinct emphasis on the entire room.

Design or Pattern



Choosing a pattern of style or motif is an excellent way to determine what kind of art to hang in one area or room. For instance, in the cooking area, you can opt for a food theme, where all the artworks have the same patterns that equate through the function of the space itself and the art. If you desire, the motif could extend throughout the entire home.


Even though you should never purchase or acquire a painting from different art galleries just because it suits your couch, you must consider the dominating colors and materials of the piece of art you plan to showcase in your home before displaying it. Try to connect styles and color patterns with the current elements in the room.

For instance, in a room where the dominant color is red, with lots of red accent pieces, consider hanging a red tapestry or painting stand alone as complement and art to the rest of the space.


Ultimately, when it comes to decorating your home, you must choose the pieces of art you would love to display in your home. The artwork or paintings that you love looking at in your home. Do not just hang something because it’s classic or trendy, or you believe that will impress your visitor. Display art that you love.

Most importantly, think about the arrangement of the pieces so that nothing gets hidden or blocked. Go for a united and rhythmic arrangement. Follow the guidelines outlined in this article to hang art the right way.


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