How to Get a Guaranteed and Successful One Night Stand



Sexual liberation is one of the best things that could ever happen to our modern world. Having mutual sexual partners without being in committed relationships are becoming more common. To help you out discovering someone you can have a raunchy fling with, developers have designed a variety of hookup dating apps.
Different to regular dating sites where the focus is on meeting someone you can fall in love with. Hookup sites are for singles who are ready to mingle and have a good time. Signing up for a hookup site doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get lucky. Many horny hopefuls are looking for someone who shares their mindsets, as well as looks great on a photo. Therefore, you have to still be eligible in order to lock down a successful one-night stand.

Here are a few tips you can apply to bag yourself a lucky lady, man, or even both.

Profile Creation

Let’s face it, your profile is probably the most important part when it comes to luring in the lucky winner. First impressions made by your profile pic can make or break a hookup. Put some effort into taking the perfect photo.

Read here for tips on how you can make your profile stand out.

The most popular profiles are those who have a balance between mystery, sexiness, and personal information. If you don’t have a natural gift of being good looking, don’t over-edit your photos. Do remember that each pot has a lid, and for someone, you might be the hottest thing on planet earth. So, be natural and play to your strengths.

Be honest about what expectations you have from the people you meet on the site. If you are actually looking for a relationship, rather than a hookup. Then say so in your profile.

Flirting and Texting

And so, the fun begins. This is where you can do some heated foreplay. Don’t jump in with a naked photo of your genitalia, unless the other person requests one. Make sure you showcase some personality as well.

If you answer questions with one-worded sentences, you might seem a little bit boring. No one likes jumping under the covers with someone bland. Be playful and compliment them throughout the conversation.

Avoid being arrogant as this can be a huge turn-off. If you have big muscles and a hot behind, good for you, but be humble about it. Click here for some expert tips on online dating texting.

Don’t Assume

Don’t assume off the bat that every single person you talk to want to hookup. Some people need to get to know you a little bit better before arranging a meeting. The worst opening sentence you can come up with is, “So, where can we do it?” This is not sexy and shows immaturity as well as disrespect.

Invest some time into the relationship before hooking up. You might just catch an exquisite hookup if you are a little more patient.

Be Wise and Safe

There’s nothing sexy about catching an STD or getting someone pregnant. Especially if you have numerous one-night stands per month, it’s important that you and your partner are safe. Make sure that someone is on a contraceptive and always have a spare condom, or two, nearby.

It’s also very important to look after your own safety as well. Make sure you tell at least one friend where you are heading. And always meet up in a public place before moving on to a more private location.

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After you’ve successfully arranged your first meeting, you need to follow through by looking and smelling your best. Even though someone might be eager to jump in the sack with you prior to meeting you, that can all change once they actually meet you.

Shower, smell good, trim unwanted hair, and put some effort into wardrobe choices. Don’t forget to clean your nails and wear clean underwear and socks. This will make you even more desirable and guarantee hands-on flirting before you move on to the bed.

You can have freaky one-night hookups with random people, as long as you are respectful, safe, and have open communication with your sexual partners.

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