How to Keep Your Kids Safe With Home Security Cameras



Having children is not an easy job and we always want to be sure that we are doing what’s right while raising them. We didn’t have all that luxury they have today, especially when we’re talking about technology, which is both good and bad. Yes, it’s great our little ones can do things we couldn’t even imagine when we were their age, but the access to the internet and all that technology can also make them misbehave and spoil them, not to mention they can come across dangerous people who could harm them. That’s why an appropriate level of parental oversight is acceptable.

According to a survey, almost 40% of parents admit using their controls for blocking, filtering and monitoring their children’s online activities. Less than 20% use parental controls for restricting their kids’ use of their cellphone. Around 40% report that they talk to their children about all this regularly.

When it comes to monitoring, a good idea is to try with home security cameras. You can watch what they are doing when they are home alone or with a nanny, but there are also ways to keep track of their activities while they’re somewhere else.

Home Alone

Mounting home security cameras is an excellent investment. You can see what your kids are doing when playing inside or outside the house, as well as when someone is leaving the house or approaching it (a guest or stranger). They are also good during extreme weather conditions, to see if a part of the house was affected by the storm or flood. If you have a baby and it’s sleeping, you can tend to your tasks in any other room of the house while monitoring the sleep of your precious little one at the same time. Home surveillance systems are also great because they help identify the intruder (in case someone breaks in), so you can pursue a case against them, and also deter possible future criminals.

In order to decide which models are the most suitable for you, you should explore your options. You can either choose something simple to set up and use or maybe the ones that don’t stand out. For instance, there’s the Wyze Cam Pan, which is inexpensive and offers crisp 1080p videos, but you can also go for the D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8300LH, which also promises sharp image quality and it comes with motion and sound detection which is flawless. Each model comes with both upsides and downsides, so take the time to decide what the best option to satisfy your needs is. Whatever you choose, you should know that installing these cameras is not always a simple task, so you might need the help of professionals. There are amazing security companies in Gold Coast you can turn to, offering quality services.

With a Nanny

Even though people have dilemmas about them, the popularity of nanny cams is increasing. Until you find a person you can trust with your child enough, you should be careful who babysits for you and what that person is doing to your kid. If our little ones have a nanny who has a tendency to abuse them, it can come to severe consequences – for instance, mental and emotional instability can be noticed later in life. It can lead to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, dissociative identity disorder, and so on. Check out what some great cameras for this occasion are. For example, here you’ll encounter the Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System, which could be a really good option to consider.

On the Run

Lastly, today there’s an option to keep track of your little ones anywhere they go. GPS can help you with this. There is this amazing invention called GSM Wireless Wrist Watch Cell Phone. They are liked among both parents and children because they look super cute and kids don’t see their parents as some big control freaks when they buy them these little devices. They create a radius of safety, track and record activities, they are good for emergency SOS alerts, and your kids can even play games and have fun. There are even more benefits, and the best thing is that they’re totally affordable. Maybe you like the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2, Verizon GizmoWatch or Fitbit Ace or Activity Tracker for Kids 8+.

Being a parent means sometimes having to make difficult decisions, for example, whether monitoring your kids is acceptable or not, especially when they are already in the presence of a nanny who’s supposed to keep track of what they are doing at the moment and take care of them. Should you monitor your precious ones? Well, why not? Let’s face it, today they make it so easy. With amazing home security cameras and incredible GPS watch cell phones, all you have to do is spend some money and you’ll always know if your little bundle of joy is safe or not. It’s not just valuable – it’s priceless!

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