How to Make a Career Change That Will Positively Affect Your Life



Moving on from your old line of work in search of a new career is by no means an easy feat. First, you have to scour the market. Then, find suitable employers and go through the lengthy application and interview process. Most of the time these are concluded with “we’ll get back to you” time and time again. At least that what I thought, that is until I met an old friend of mine who used to be rather miserable working his well-paid, yet stressful job. I remember how the toxic environment used to get to him and how he struggled to find his place in the company.

But the thing is, he was everything except miserable when I last saw him. The guy couldn’t stop talking about how his life got completely changed for the better. He became happy once he started his new career. I could hardly believe it and simply had to ask how in the world he had managed to set himself free from the nightmare that was his old job and what it actually took to find his luck elsewhere. Here are some of the points we discussed and their involvement in his decision to change his life for the better.

Update your cover letter and resume  

You can think of a resume as a 
medium for self-advertisement, complete with basic information, education and training, relevant skills and previous and current employment. When updating your CV, make sure you include all training sessions or relevant business courses you’ve attended in the meantime, since that shows you are keen on professional development and ready to learn new skills. Being in-between jobs is often a challenging experience for some. However, the very act of preparing your resume and cover letter for the next round of employment is a telltale sign that you’re ready to move on onto the next, hopefully, more positive work experience.


Work on improving your professional brand

Strong digital presence is crucial for those looking to make a great first impression. Hiring managers and recruiters often scour through different social media platforms in order to find information about the candidates. Make sure all your social media profiles are fully complete and up-to-date. If you still don’t have a LinkedIn profile, make sure you create one and make an effort to write an
eye-catching summary that will accurately represent you as a business professional, highlight your expertise and describe your current skillet using standard industry keywords.

Research the company you’re applying at


Living in the digital era means that all the information regarding your potential employer can easily be found online. A simple research will quickly shortlist the most promising companies you can work with. Alternatively, you could visit some of them and talk to the employees in person. What you need to look for are first-hand accounts and testimonials about working for the potential employer.

Do your best to prepare for the interview

The better you prepare for the interview, the better your chances of landing your dream job. Research everything you can about the company, its employees and your new job position. Make sure to practice asking and answering interview questions out loud. Always dress for the occasion try to impress your interviewers with your conference, skills, and expertise. Never brag or whine about your previous work engagements,

Don’t forget to thank everyone you’ve met for presenting you with the opportunity. Don’t hesitate to remind the hiring personnel why you’d be an ideal candidate for the job. Also, restate your interest regarding the position in question. Carefully evaluate every offer and accept only those you feel will lead to a positive change in your lifestyle. If you end-up declining the offer, make sure you do it politely. 

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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