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A typical backyard can serve the purpose of an outdoor lounge area or an organic garden. However, if you have kids then you will need to include certain outdoor features that will stimulate their innate curiosity. Whether they are exercising their brain cells or their muscles, children should find the backyard challenging enough. As a parent, you will benefit from improved security because the fence around you’ll property will ensure they don’t run onto the street. Furthermore, if you create a cool-looking backyard, your children will become the most popular kids on the block. If you are wondering how to bring about this change, here are 5 smart tips and ideas.


Splashing Around

Do you know your kids like to get hold of the garden hose and chase each other around the yard during summer? Well, in order to prevent them from being a nuisance to your gardening project, give them their own water feature. Anything from a simple water pistol to a splash pad or even a pool will do the trick. All humans love water but children seem to be especially fascinated with it. That is why even a water fountain with a small pool and a stream draining from it will be enough to keep them entertained for hours. Just take care of their safety by constantly overseeing them and perhaps installing some glass railing around deep waters, like a swimming pool or a large kiddy pool.



Building a Sand Castle

There probably isn’t a living person who hasn’t molded sand at least once during their lifetime. Your children and their friends should also get the opportunity to play with sand. It is a wonderful sensory toy that allows you to mold it, big in it and create sandcastles using water. If you place a sandpit in your backyard there will be no need to buy those pricy building sets from toy stores. All you need is a sizeable hole in the ground that is made watertight and then filled up with a truckload of fine-grain sand. You will also need to get buckets for water and some plastic modeling tools.

A Football Match


Although playing in the sand and running across a splash pad are bot fun activities, these are not real sports. In order to get your children to take up a sport, you have to create a playing field similar to the ones they see on TV. A football court is perhaps the best sporting “venue” to go with because there isn’t a boy who doesn’t like to watch Messi and Ronaldo play. Plant some grass, mark the lines with white paint, get plastic goals and you are ready for the first match of the little neighbourhood league. Oh yeah, you need to take care of safety as well, like getting some lighting from companies like Legacy Lighting which specialize in soccer fields. You know perfectly well that even dark won’t deter kids from kicking the ball around.

Backyard Canvases

If there is one activity that preschool children go crazy about, then that is drawing. You have probably had to scold your kids for redecorating the walls inside the house with their drawings but the backyard will let both of you facilitate this urge. Fill a basket full of chalk and let your kids express their artistic talent wherever they want. Since chalk is easy to wash away, they can draw and write on the driveway, across all the pathways, on stone, and even the fence. They can make simple drawings or they can create games of their own, like hopscotch and tic-tac-toe. Get as many colors as possible!


Teaching the Children Responsibility


Apart from endless hours of fun and games, you can use the backyard as training grounds for children. They are fascinated with animals and whether it’s a pet dog or butterfly in the air, they are instantly drawn to them. You can use this love for animals to teach them a valuable life lesson about responsibility. If you own a pet cat or a dog, place their water and food bowl, respectively, outside and assign their feeding to your kids.

Furthermore, you can get some timber and construct a bird house or a bird feeder. They will have to be filled with grain and beans every so often and your kids will be in charge of restocking the feeders. This way, children will learn to interact with other living organisms in nature and to be responsible enough toward them.

Finally, the backyard can serve as a great location for playing with toys. Riding a bike, roller-skating and playing catch and throw are all sports and hobbies that can be practiced outdoors. You can have a toy bod outside for all the toys that kids bring out from the house, like dolls, toy cars, yo-yos, jump ropes, etc. Essentially, the backyard improvements introduced with children in mind should be proactive. They should look to engage their brain and bodies in various activities, from kicking a football to birdwatching.

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