How to Make your Living Room Timeless with Traditional Rugs



Every small detail of your living room tells a story. From a small photo frame to your furniture and rugs, everything has its own back-story, and I’ll tell you how. Before buying anything, most people ask their friends about it, they discuss it with their spouse, or they do their own research. That’s how it adds a story to every piece of décor you place in your home space. Certainly, every homemaker wants to make her/his living room unique and timeless in its own way.

Here’s How You Can Make Your Home Unique, Classic, and Timeless With Traditional Rugs.

Traditions and Heritage

Traditional and classic rugs are famous for their colours and unique patterns. These rugs are carefully woven masterpieces. They have a rich history and represent a culture and heritage. So now the big question is how you incorporate the heritage and history to your home?

The Modern Classic: Until the End of the Time.

The modern classic design is a combination of classic design with modern design. This is the linking point of both styles and also the solution for you to make your home timeless and give it a unique identity. Anything you pick that is classic and traditional will mesmerize your place until the end of time.

How to Choose a Rug

Buying rugs is a very gritty job. Especially, in the case of buying traditional rugs, because most of the time, people end up buying something overwhelming which doesn’t match the style of their home.

Here Are Some Tips Which Will Help You in Buying a Perfect Traditional Rug for Your Home.

Colours and Materials

Colours and materials act as a base ingredient for modern classic design, as we discussed in the previous paragraph. Don’t buy something overwhelming when it comes to colour because it kills the minimalism of the space. The main highlight of modern classic design is the minimalism, so try to be minimalistic in colours and materials of your furniture. Traditional rugs are known for their colours, patterns, their design, and too much of any of the above can be a little overwhelming.

If your living room has a neutral colour theme, then go with something bright and dark to compliment your home. Go for rugs in which patterns and colours are more layered and detailed. And also, try to pick a classic and sophisticated deeper hue. It will add a classic flavour to your room.

Try to Balance

As we discussed in the opening paragraph that traditional rugs are known for their patterns and colours, if you’re buying a rug for a room which is kind of busy and occupied by small knick-knacks, then go with the rug with fewer patterns and which has a minimalistic flavour to balance out the room.

If you’re placing your rug near a wall which is dark in colour or near a wall that has symmetrical hues, you should probably buy a rug which matches the symmetry. You can also give a contrasting and minimalistic effect with a traditional rug or you can consider more symmetrical geometry or you can have a softer geometrical shape to balance out your room.

Being that the main highlight of timeless design is that it should be minimalistic, you have to balance out everything. Whether they are colours, patterns or anything else. It’s very important to consider these things before buying any traditional rug. If you do so, you’ll definitely end up with a perfect rug for your home.

The Basic Rule

Remember that the most important thing when choosing a traditional rug is to find a one which compliments your room, but also highlights your home. The end result is what’s most important.

If you’re redecorating your living room, start with the rug. First, buy a rug, furniture, and then an artistic piece. And do so in that order, and try to build your décor around it. The best thing about a traditional rug is that, if it perfectly compliments your home, then it will make your décor a timeless and it will evolve over a time period. I hope this article will be a perfect back-story for your rug.


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