How to Not Be Insecure? Best Ways to Make Yourself Feel Free



Insecurity can be defined as a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of confidence or disbelief in yourself. Most of us feel insecure at some point in our lives, but some feel insecure most of the time. The kind of childhood they had, tragic traumas, loss of someone close, the experience of rejection or failure, and aloneness contribute to insecurity. Other aspects include social anxiety, mistrust about themselves, or toxic relationship by family or partner.

To not be insecure and make yourself feel free is to change how you feel mentally about yourself. To change your mind you require changing two core aspects; firstly, it is the belief that you are weak, it may be related to how you look, how smart you are, money, or status. The second is your perception of security that you feel should be. Changing these core beliefs can provide you a better sense of security and can help yourself out of a slump.

Let’s dig deep into this concept and find ways not to be insecure and make yourself feel free by self-security and fearlessness:

Nothing Remains Constant

Insecurities occur when you expect life to be according to your thoughts and when things do not go your way. You may think life is against you and want to hide in a place where no one can find you. It seems to you that it has become a ruthless battle that you cannot win. “In dark times, remember one thing, nothing remains constant. There is always light at the end of the tunnel,” an extract from a piece of writing by criminology personal statement.

When you start realizing this time changing the concept, you will gain a great deal of inner peace. Once you realize things are temporary, it will make you remarkably strong enough, and the feel of being free will make your content. It makes you acknowledge that every new day is a new chapter of your life. When the feeling of insecurity disturbs you, the sense of it being temporary will make you fearless.

Accept & Complete Challenges

Life is full of challenges. Every day you have to confront a new problem, small or big. If you want to get rid of your sense of insecurity, you not only have to accept the challenges but also complete them. Once you start facing challenges heads on, you will get a sense of satisfaction and courage.

You may have to face the same challenge over and over again, as an example, you work in night shift, and you have to pass through a dark street every night. On the other hand, sometimes you have to confront a new challenge every time, whatever the case, you need to show strong back and soft front to overcome them.

Celebrate Your Success

There is a wonderful and thought-provoking quote that: life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it. If you understand the idea behind this thinking; it has got some deep reflections. It will inspire you to celebrate your success no matter how big or small they are. Feel of success can help you to overcome the feeling of insecurity and darkness; therefore, you must choose light over darkness.

When a person starts celebrating success, then the negative emotions of being bound starts getting weaker. For instance, you were afraid to speak to your manager openly; one day, you showed the courage and straightforwardly spoke to him about your approach of work. The manager got inspired and appreciated your truthfulness. It may be a small incident, but it needs to cheer up, and you must celebrate your courage and success.

Don’t Judge Yourself Through Other’s Eyes

Judging yourself through other’s eyes can be devastating. Instead, if you want yourself, feel free and reach your maximum potential, it becomes essential that you start judging yourself according to your set of rules and ignoring the negative criticism. You need to dig deep inside yourself and avoid blaming yourself by someone else point of view.

“The approach of thinking about what others think of you becomes the root cause of your insecurities,” suggests Mark Lawrence, head of research department at Premium Jackets. Therefore, live for yourself according to your way. Do not follow others; instead, follow your instinct. It may not be an easy task in the beginning, as from childhood, we are told to follow others. If you want to free yourself, you need to break these chains not to be insecure anymore and live your life at your discretion.

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