How to Pick the Perfect Toy for Your Child



Toys are expensive items that you will want your child to have for a variety of reasons. You may want to select the perfect plaything for your child’s birthday, or perhaps, you want to reward a child for having excellent grades on a report card. Whatever the reason for buying a toy for your child, make sure to use these tips to pick the perfect one.

Is the Toy Age Appropriate?

When you are choosing a toy for a child, make sure that it is age-appropriate. Age guidelines are often listed on the packaging, but a great parent also uses common sense about a child’s abilities. Giving a teenager a toy that is designed for a toddler will not make a great impression, so you should think carefully about selecting a toy that is appropriate for a child’s age.

Is the Toy Safe for a Child?

Choosing a safe toy is imperative. While manufacturers must perform tests to determine if a toy is safe, there are still cases of dangerous toys being sold in stores. A parent should complete some research on understanding how to buy a safe toy, including determining if it has small parts that are a choking hazard or if it has lead-based paint. Check the toy to determine if it has flying projectiles or sharp edges that are dangerous.

Look for Popular Trending Toys

Children love receiving trending toys that feature fun characters from television programs or current movies. Sonic the Hedgehog toys are popular choices. You can also find soft plush toys or action figures that are great gifts for birthday parties. Look for these toys at nearby and online stores.

Save Money While Buying Toys

You can save money while buying toys by looking for special sales, coupons or discount codes. Buying gifts ahead of the holiday season rush can help you find the best price.

Will a Child Use the Toy?

Don’t waste your money on toys that children won’t play with. Consider your child’s interests before buying a toy. If you are observant, then you can see what a child enjoys the most. Don’t try to force other interests on your child. Listen to them and trust them.

Is the Toy Educational?

Educational toys are fantastic options, as these types of toys can increase a child’s knowledge or skills in an assortment of ways. Toys for toddlers often teach children more about different colors, shapes or numbers, but older children will also appreciate toys that teach new skills.

It can be difficult to know what gift would be best for your kid. Especially if they are shy and don’t readily share their interests. These tips can help you decide what is best for your child, taking into account their taste, safety, and needs. While it is easy to dismiss toys as just frivolous, but play is an important part of your child’s growth. The exact toy you choose probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but caring about your child’s interests will always pay off.


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