How to Secure Your Gadgets with Kid-Friendly Apps



In our increasingly technology dominated world, it is essentially just a matter of time until your child has their own smartphone or tablet at their disposal. The reasons for you giving it to them could be as simple as you want to be able to contact them when you need to, to giving them a good outlet for their energy, or just to give them something they’ve wanted for some time now.

Part of having one of these devices is the sheer amount of connectivity involved. The entire outside world is at their fingertips through the internet and the many apps available on just about any device. The problem though is that the majority of the internet content is far from kid-friendly, and the last thing you’d want is for your child to be exposed to something that they can’t fully understand years before they’ll be able to properly process it. It’s a simple matter of
protecting your children, no more, no less.

So how can you make your device safe for your child to use? Well, luckily, there are apps for that.

Block Problematic Apps

There are some apps that children should never, ever be on but through whatever strange set of events they might end up downloading and exploring for themselves. If the fact that childproofing a house is a multimillion dollar industry isn’t indication enough, it’s safe to say that children are curious beings. So that’s why an app like
Netsanity which gives you control over what apps are accessible and what isn’t are wholly necessary. Certain videos streaming sites and video games are for adult audiences only, and these blocking apps help you keep it that way. With a proper parental control app around, you won’t have to worry about them following your specific code of conduct when it comes to browsing because they will be coded right into your device thanks to these apps.

Limit Screen Time

As wonderful as these devices are for helping children explore their curiosity and entertain themselves, it’s much too easy for a child to become engulfed in the allure of the online world and start to neglect the real one. A good parental control app will let you choose how much screen time is allowed in a 24 hour period so you can make sure that your
child develops their social skills adequately. The age of outside play is dangerously close to being over thanks to these devices, so it’s important that parents play their part to make sure that playtime is seen as a physical activity first and a digital activity second.

Kid-friendly apps are an easy way for you not to stress over what your child has access to on their device. These devices have a huge range of positive uses and some people like the peace and quiet they can bring, but children should be protected from things outside of their understanding. A lot of trauma and strange conversations can be entirely avoided by properly protecting your child from what’s out there on the net. It’s far from sheltering your child from the world, it’s keeping the nasty bits far away from their young and innocent mind.


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