How to Style Your Denim Shorts This Summer



The weather might not be as warm as we would all like for June, but summer is almost certainly just around the corner, and that means it’s time for a full wardrobe overhaul. So, get out those shorts and give them a once over, so they’re ready to wear once the temperatures start to rise once again.

In fact, now is the perfect time to consider investing in a new pair of smart casual shorts, and denim shorts are increasing in popularity, so if you haven’t already got some, what are you waiting for? They are a great garment to have in your wardrobe whether you want to dress them down for the beach or up for a day out, and they are the perfect comfortable, effortless item for evenings when the warm weather does appear.

Which Colour?

Just like jeans, denim comes in a variety of shades and choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. There is no denying that white is a great colour for the summer, but it is somewhat prone to grass stains, so if you are likely to find yourself lounging around in the park, this may not be the shade for you. You really can’t go wrong with classic blue, both light and dark shades, and of course black. It’s the fail-safe choice that can be styled with just about anything to create the perfect look.

Which Style?

As with colours, there are a number of different styles that you might like to consider when it comes to denim shorts, and men’s ripped denim shorts is a very popular style at the moment. As with ripped jeans, ripped denim shorts are not only incredibly fashionable but also quite cool in the warmer weather as the rips provide additional ventilation and flexibility. When it comes to a short length, you really can’t go wrong with something that sits a little above the knee. Anything longer and it is more of a capri length and entering the realms of the 90’s boy band member with their baggy skater style shorts. Shorter denim shorts are harder to dress up, but knee-length works perfectly in any situation.


Different brands of shorts will fit differently to each other in the same way that pairs of jeans do. If you want to make sure that you pick the right size, then it is always a good idea to try them on so that you can be sure of the fit. The last thing you want is shorts that are too small and uncomfortable, especially in the heat. If you are not able to get to the shops to try them on and you are between sizes, then order two sizes and try them on at home. Any sites do give very detailed size guides so if you would prefer not to do this then take a look at what they say, and don’t forget those customer reviews which can often give you a good indication of if they are true to size.

Wear Them Well

Denim shorts are incredibly versatile and can be teamed up with a simple t-shirt for a day out. A patterned tee is a great way to set off a simple pair of denim shorts, so opt for something in a bold colour to really make a statement. They can also be dressed up in the evening with a casual shirt or even with a plain t-shirt and bold patterned shirt for maximum effect.


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