How to Support Your Children If They Struggle With Anxiety



As more people of all ages struggle with anxiety and depression. The stress of school, social media, and much more. Elementary school-age kids, as well as middle school and high school teens, report serious emotional struggles that require parental support. Here are a few things a parent can do for a child who may need help in dealing with an important issue.

Be a Good Listener

To better understand your child’s concerns and to show family solidarity, spend time hearing what your son or daughter wants to share. A child may be less willing to open up during everyday activities. Setting aside some time to talk uninterruptedly in a quiet area could make your child feel more comfortable about discussing what is on their mind. Approaching them on their own ground can help them open up to you. By playing a game with them or talking about their interests you can show your concern. You can also use that time to reassure him or her of your ongoing love and support. Be patient even if your child doesn’t open up right away.

Spend Quality Time Together

In addition to providing an opportunity for your child to confide in you, plan fun family time or parent-child time as a counter-measure to stress. Have fun together, which will help to alleviate stress and build a strong relationship. It also helps for parents to volunteer at school events when possible, as this gives parents the chance to see what is happening there as well as show public support, which is especially helpful if the child’s stress is due to school-related issues.

Find an Age-Appropriate Therapist for Your Child

A professional counselor or therapist can help children to feel comfortable in talking about stressful situations. Contact an agency, such as New Jersey children’s therapy, to request an assessment for your child. This will help to determine the nature and scope of the problem. It will also provide an assigned therapist some insight into working with a particular child. Look for therapists who specialize in children as clients, especially kids that are your child’s age.

Help Your Child Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Provide a health-centered way of life for your child, as good health is one of the best ways to help people deal with anxiety or other emotional issues. Getting eight hours of sleep each night, eating a balanced diet, and participating in regular exercise can help to promote physical health. This, in turn, fosters good mental health. Don’t shame your child, rather help them have the tools they need to eat and exercise. Be encouraging and supportive. Let your child tell you what kind of exercise would work best for them.

Parents who follow these basic steps can reassure their children of their concern. They show that they are eager to help the child work through the source of anxiety as well as live a healthy lifestyle. Showing your child that you care demonstrates your love and helps them get back on track with good emotional health.


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