How to Throw a Great Bachelorette Party



There’s nothing quite as exciting, nor as overwhelming, like a bachelorette party. Your friend is getting married and you couldn’t be happier for her, but how do you give her a proper send-off and make sure the last party with her girlfriends stays in her memory? If you’re eager to throw a great shindig, then we’re here to help. For those who are in need of celebration planning tips and tricks, here’s a useful list that will tell you everything you need to know. 

Pick the Right Time


Having the party too close to the wedding risks making everything far too stressful for both the bride and her bridesmaids. A wedding is a huge thing to plan, and those last two weeks before the event are crucial. Everyone is likely to be far too distracted and busy to relax and enjoy themselves. This is why 
the best time to hold a bachelorette party is usually a month before the big day because that gives people enough time to rest and prepare, but it’s still close enough to the wedding to get the bride all excited. 


Make a Guest List

Be sure to invite only the people who are also invited to the wedding to avoid any unpleasantness, and consult the bride to finalize the guest list. Everything else can be a surprise, but she should approve the list and let you know if there are any people she wouldn’t want around. 



Make Sure There’s Quality Booze 

Wherever you’re going, bring good alcohol with you. You don’t want to end up throwing up in the morning because of some dodgy vodka, so either invest in good catering, find a club that serves good drinks or buy the bottles yourself in case you’re preparing the event at home. You can easily order some 
excellent gin online to mix in all your cocktails and have them taste amazing. It’s a good idea to ask those who are invited what they’d like to drink and pick one cocktail to be served to everyone for the rest of the evening—mixing too many different types of alcohol never ends well, so keep it classy.

Consider What the Bride Wants 

While you might be eager to organize a wild, over-the-top party, do consider what the bride would actually enjoy. Don’t push her to do things she doesn’t like, not even if you believe she needs to “live a little” before marriage. If she wants a tasteful, subdued gathering, that’s her right. If she wants to party it out and scream her favorite songs in a dive bar while she chugs beer, that’s great too! Just make sure everyone is comfortable with what’s happening and continue on from there.

Set a Budget 



Since the bride is financing the wedding, bachelorette parties are usually financed by the ladies who are attending. Get everyone to sit down and draw up a budget plan—once you agree on a sum and everyone contributes their money, then you can plan everything else. Get that part off the list first because you don’t want to end up committing to something you can’t afford and then overspending because you’ve already made promises.

Arrange Transportation for Everyone 

It could be 
a limo, a cab, or a designated sober friend who will take you all home. You’ll be dealing with a gaggle of gals who will probably spend the most part of the night drinking a lot, so you want to make sure everyone arrives home safe and sound. 

Throw in a Few Goodie Bags 



This is completely optional, but it’s a nice gesture. Gifts are a great way to make the gals even more excited about the whole event, and it really doesn’t need to be anything big—some chocolates, a hand cream, or maybe a lipstick. If you want to get creative, get everyone a tiny hangover kit and fill it up with aspirin, breath mints, energy bars, bottles of water, and maybe a facial mask to help their skin rejuvenate in the morning. You can also go for shirts or even plastic tiaras if you really want to embrace the cheesiness and pretend you’re all royalty for the night. The bride, of course, gets the biggest, flashiest crown.

The best way to organize a party is to be mindful, plan it on time, and avoid fretting over it. Whatever you plan is bound to be great as long as you keep your friend’s wishes in mind, so trust yourself to make all the right choices.


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