How to Throw a Lux Wedding on a Shoe-String Budget



If you’ve always dreamed about having a fairytale wedding but lack the fairytale budget, don’t worry. There are ways that you can have your lux wedding without going bankrupt! Here are some of the best tips that will help you organize a glamorous wedding on a more than realistic budget. Take a look. 

Choose the Right Location 

If you’re having a smaller wedding party, you can rent a private estate or a private vacation home. The rent will not be cheap, but it will still beat a traditional reception venue. Plus, these properties always look more lux and exclusive than regular wedding halls. Another great venue option would be having your wedding at interesting locations with a lot of character like aquariums, museums, galleries or historical sites. They require minimal decoration to look fabulous yet cost the same amount of money to rent as regular wedding venues. 

Opt for a Minimalist Look 

The biggest enemy of elegance and sophistication is clutter! Putting too many things into your wedding venue will make the place look kitschy while costing you a lot of money. So, make sure to keep your decoration elegant yet streamlined and opt for a simple color palette. White, ivory and shades of gray will always look elegant and luxurious no matter what you surround them with. 

Arrive in Style 

There’s nothing more lux than arriving at your reception in a white Rolls Royce or a classy Bentley. But, what not many people don’t know is that renting these cars isn’t as expensive as it might seem. So, if you really want to wow your guests while not blowing your budget, rent a few stylish wedding cars for you and your bridesmaids and you’ll feel like a million bucks. The agency will decorate the vehicles and even roll out a red carpet if you wish! Plus, with professional drivers you won’t have to think about your transportation at all, just relax and sit back. 

Organize a Cocktail Reception 

Many people choose to get a buffet table for their wedding in order to save some money. However, having a buffet requires a lot of food yet leaves a cheap feel with people elbowing each other at the table. On the other hand, if you hire butlers in tuxedoes to pass trays, you can get away with less food yet achieve a very lux effect. This means your expenses will be roughly the same, but your aesthetics won’t! You can even buy white gloves for your servers for a classier look. These cost 50 cents a pair and add glamour to the affair. 

Add Some Flair with Lighting 

Just a bit of unexpected lighting can have a huge impact. For instance, you can get a few uplights to cast a dreamy wash of color on the walls or put up some lighting to accentuate the focal points. These will instantly change the way the whole venue feels and looks for only a few dollars—lighting rentals will set you back only around $20 each, color gels included! However, even though these lights are cheap, don’t fill up your space and make it look like a cheap nightclub. A few accent lights are all you need to achieve a big effect. 

Be Smart About Flowers 

There’s no wedding without flowers—it’s a beautiful tradition that simply can’t be broken. However, flowers can quickly eat up your budget if you’re not careful and smart which varieties you pick and where you place them. If you’re trying to keep your flower budget very wallet-friendly, forget about orchids and peonies. Opt for something cheaper and you’ll get to have more flowers for the same price. Another thing you can do is order one large statement piece for the escort table. This way, you’ll impress your guests when they arrive and you’ll be able to go easy with flowers for the rest of the venue. 

Think Outside the Box with Centerpieces 

Champagne always brings a note of class and festivity with it, so it’s a total must. But, if you think outside the box, you can use your bubbly as a classy centerpiece. A wine bucket with a nice fizz and some glasses around it will add drama to your tables for very little money—no flowers needed! 

If you use these smart wedding tips, you’ll have a luxurious wedding at a very affordable budget. Your guests will be blown away and you’ll have enough money left for a well-deserved honeymoon!

Diana Smith

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