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There will be times when you might feel as though the world is pushing down on your chest, where you’re trying to bear the challenges of getting to where you want to be in life. At times, you might even feel as though you’re banging on a door, but either no one answers or you may feel as if no one and nothing is on the other side. But regardless if anyone answers that door, no matter if you feel alone or as if no one’s listening or even cares, you are powerful, you’re in control, and you need to remember that you’re the one holding the key.

Eventually, only two things can happen when you hold the key. That key can either break or it will open the door. This is the type of mentality that we should all have. If we want to achieve anything in life, giving up is not an option. We can’t control everything in life, even though at times I know that most of us would like to. But we can’t. We’re not in control of when we become successful, when we’ll find our true love, when we’ll get pregnant, when will get a raise at our 9-to-5 job or anything else for that matter. We can’t control it, but what we can do is work hard, keep going, and not give up.

If you want anything in life bad enough, you’ll be able to achieve it as long as you keep trying and trying. If one method of getting what you want doesn’t work, then you have to figure out another way. But there is a way, and part of that way is not giving up and believing that there’s a way. Half of the battle is having the belief that you can attain and achieve anything when you use your mind, your heart, and are willing to put a lot of effort and hard work towards getting it.

So many of us get down and out while in the process of getting to where we hope to be. Many of us are simply too damn hard on ourselves, perfectionists, or perhaps we have really big goals in life! Despite what you’re hoping to get, despite what you want to achieve, and despite whether or not it’s work related, health related, or even if it’s in regards to finding your match in life, you should remind yourself on a daily basis that you’re not giving up.


Reminding yourself that you’re not giving up is actually quite a big deal if you think about it. The way that we talk to our self plays a big role in how we feel on a daily basis and effects us towards how much further we’re willing to go, and to what extent. Many times people give up way too quickly. But like I said before, remove those words from your vocabulary, because giving up is not an option. Just remind yourself, and shout it out loud to the heavens above, “I’m not going anywhere!” Say “I’m going to achieve my goals. I’m going to get what I want. I’m going to find what I’m looking for.” Tell yourself that you’re not giving up and you’re not going anywhere, because you need that boost once in awhile in case that little voice in your head tells you otherwise.


Remember the statement, “I’m not going anywhere.” Depending on how you say it – can make a world of a difference. That’s why this title needed an essential exclamation point. Saying “I’m not going anywhere” gives off a pessimistic, deflated, and negative energy. Whereas “I’m not going anywhere!” gives off a positive outlook filled with drive and determination, as well as a statement that you’re not giving up.

Remember, people fail many times before getting to where they want to be in life. But the ones that got to where they ultimately wanted to be – never gave up. I’ll tell you right now, blog life is hard. I love writing and I love building my blogs and my brand, but there are always moments when things like ranking or traffic on my site aren’t where I feel it should be, and even I get to that moment of questioning myself. So many bloggers go through this and so many people go through this in life at whatever they’re trying to achieve.

If you feel that you’re trying so hard to achieve your goals, but nothing’s happening quick enough or simply seems as if nothing’s happening at all, don’t give up. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, and even those people that you think might’ve had it easy and have become successful entrepreneurs or have a beautiful life altogether, they’ve been there too. But they didn’t give up, and you shouldn’t either.

I’m telling you, and the rest of the world right now that I’m sure as hell not going anywhere, I’m not giving up, and I’m going to stop at nothing until I get to where I want to be with my writing, with my goals, and with everything in my life. Tell yourself the same. 

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