The Most Important Things to Look for in a Partner



When it comes to dating these days, a lot of people are so easy to swipe left, and be closed minded towards dating certain people because they have certain expectations that they desire to find in a partner. 
However, a lot of people have endless lists of must have criteria that’s unrealistic if they’re truly hoping to meet their best possible match. You have to look much deeper than a person’s surface, dating site profile, or even what you might look like together on paper.

It’s important to know that you can’t find exactly what you want in another person, but what you can find is your best possible match and someone that will have many of the qualities and characteristics that you might be looking for. We obviously shouldn’t look for the perfect person, because perfect doesn’t exist. As well, when it comes to finding the perfect match as far as what we’re looking for, we’re not gonna be able to find that either. We all need to lower our unrealistic expectations, get off of our high horse, and come back down to reality. Perfect doesn’t exist, so stop looking for it.

It’s true though, we all have that one puzzle piece, that one partner that’s going to complement us well, and even better than anyone else might. Finding that person can be a challenge, but if we’re not willing to get to know someone or explore situations that seem promising because the person doesn’t seem exactly what we we’re looking for, then we might not find our best possible match. If anything, we might actually be turning away someone that could be our best possible match for someone that’s not as good of a match, because perhaps they look better on paper with us.

A few things are very important when it comes to finding your match. Some of those things are being on the same page, being comfortable communicating with one another, feeling as though you can become best friends and lovers, as well as ultimately wanting the same things. Those things are all imperative to have when looking for a partner in life. However, a few other things are mandatory as well when it comes to finding your match. There are things that are the foundation pillars of what a healthy and happy relationship needs. The foundation pillars that I’m speaking about are honesty, trust, chemistry, attraction, communication, and compatibility.

Whoever we decide would make a great partner for us, we should also feel is someone that can become your best friend. Having connections with your partner on as many levels as possible is another thing that’s important to have. Whether you consider connections the same thing as common interests is up to you. No need to play with words. Having a connection on as many levels as possible is something that will make any and every relationship better.

Relationships where you feel that your partner is your best friend are always the happiest of relationships. In order to feel fulfilled in your relationship, it’s important to be able to communicate, understand one another, and enjoy sharing with your partner, and having your partner share with you as well.

When it comes to sharing with your partner, having those connections on many different levels is imperative. Whether they’re intellectual connections, musical connections, or any other connections that you feel are important to you, they need to be there. Those connections are what helps to build that friendship within your relationship, and in my opinion, they’re all must haves. 
These connections that I’m speaking about are what makes up the feeling of compatibility with your partner. You see, you don’t have to be identical to your partner or like all of the same things. But what your relationship must have is enough common interests that you enjoy being with one another.

You should want to be with someone that you won’t get bored with or from. When looking for a match, don’t focus on what they do for a living, as much as if they’re happy doing what they do. It’s not about the little things when it comes to what a person does for work, their career, and if you absolutely love what they do for a living. What it is about is being interested about what your partner does to the point where you can embrace their passion for it, be interested enough to hear about what goes on in their day-to-day life, and what they share with you should be interesting and appealing to you as well. So it’s not necessarily about what someone does for a living, but more so, it’s about loving your partner enough to embrace their passion for what they do, and that’s another reason why you should love what you do for work. 

No one should go through life doing something as a career that they don’t feel happy to the point where they want to jump out of bed every morning. This is why a person needs to be whole and feel complete with himself before dating. You need to love nearly every aspect of your life and feel good about yourself and what you do on a day-to-day basis, so that when you find that partner that you can share your life with, they can embrace you and all of the choices that you’ve made, and more so, because you feel happy and proud about them. 

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