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It’s important to live in the moment, to embrace each experience, enjoy each day, and live your life in a way where you feel good now and today. But at the same time, we need to understand that balance plays a role in just about everything in our lives. And that means that just because we want to enjoy life and be in a moment as much as possible, we still need enough balance, we need to plan ahead, think of consequences, and think of our future. When we have balance in our lives, everything gets enough attention. But if we don’t have balance, and we become the type who wants to enjoy every day and live it up so to speak as much as possible, then not much will be in store for us—that is, if we have big goals and desire to make the most of our lives.

Sometimes it’s just as important to let go, be free, and put your hair down and relax. We all should embrace happiness and take time to chill out and breathe a breath of calm and relaxation. As long as there’s a good understanding that priorities need to be met, they come first, and relaxation usually comes after accomplishments, not beforehand. Do something in life, strive towards your goals, create something, and do things that will make you feel good about yourself not only now, but for your future. 

I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one who views laziness and lack of motivation as unappealing qualities. Shake off laziness and be your own inspiration if needed, but try to wake up each morning and make the most of each day. Focus on what you want in life, and put aside everything else that might be holding you back, stalling you, or keeping you from attaining what you really want or what you know must happen for you. Don’t be a procrastinator or someone who doesn’t fight for what they want. Make things good in your life. Make things happen for yourself by setting goals and going after them with immense determination.

If you want anything in life bad enough, you must go after it and at times fight for it. Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen or change. Create the type of life that you want. This truly involves you having the will, that fire within you, and that mindset to reach more and more and get whatever you want. You must see the value and goodness of every day, and act like it by not wasting time being lazy or unmotivated. Create that fire with you by jumping out of bed each morning with optimism, by killing negative thoughts, eliminating toxic things and people from your life, minimizing, and having balance and the knowledge of why you should work hard before you play hard.

Sometimes we make excuses for why things are the way they are, for why we don’t have what we want or at least not yet, and for why we’re not getting what we truly feel we deserve. We need to stop acting helpless and start striving harder and knowing that if we want it, then it’s possible. Create a whole new mindset where you don’t ask why, but rather, you take things into your own hands, create, think with optimism, and write things down, create gameplans, and work hard for what you want. At the end of the day, if you don’t have what you want, it’s either because you’re working hard towards what you want but are feeling impatient and you need to change your mindset to applauding yourself on the path to success or because you’re not trying hard enough.

Some of us always think that we’re working very hard and doing our absolute best. However, seeing things outside of the box is imperative at times. And there’s always a way to improve things even more and to work even harder. There is always someone working harder. If you want things done quicker, doing things right, do things in a righteous manner, no shortcuts, no cheating, and no backroads. Shortcuts usually end up becoming short-term light and long-term darkness anyway, and your goals should always involve long-term light which is why you must work hard and do things right from the get-go.

It’s not easy to get what you want in life, but if you’re willing to work for it, and put in the love and effort, and change your mindset to “I can accomplish my goals if I work for them, if I maintain balance, and if I put my priorities first before letting go and having fun,” you will not only accomplish your goals, but you will also feel good and enjoy your life in the process. 

Remember, there is no excuse for being lazy. If you’re tired or depressed, you can usually change and improve yourself and without medication. Early morning sun kills depression and having good sleep sometimes involves going to bed early, not staying out late or partying, making sleep a priority, and perhaps even making yourself a cup of chamomile tea to calm your nerves and relax you. Again, I can’t reiterate enough how imperative it is to go after what you want and rid yourself of laziness. The best time to make these positive changes in your life is right now so good luck and here’s to feeling great in the process. 

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