Independent Woman Guide: Must-Know Things About Cars



Don’t be a part of the cliché that women know nothing about cars! While you might care about vehicles very little, knowing a few things about your car is very useful and can save you money and prevent accidents. So, here’s what every independent woman must know about her four-wheeled pet.

The Importance of Prevention

If your car breaks down, it’s both inconvenient and expensive. But routine maintenance can really help you save money and time, and, of course, prevent nervous breakdowns. While it can be a bother at the time, regular maintenance is necessary, so don’t underestimate it.

How to Read Warning Lights

New car models come with a variety of warning lights that might be confusing. But in order to prevent accidents and expensive repairs, understanding these light signals is very important. Check your car’s manual or see online what each of these lights mean.

How to Pop the Hood

This is another simple task not everyone knows how to do. Most cars have an interior latch to pull, but if you can’t find it, check out the car’s manual. There’s usually also a little tab to press when lifting the hood. Knowing this will come in handy hundreds of times.

Your Car’s Info

This might sound funny to you, but many women have no idea what kind of car they drive. So, make sure to read a bit about your manufacturer and the exact model. Find the year of manufacture—it’s important for maintenance and buying car parts. You should also know the engine size (usually from 1 to 6 liters) and where to read your mileage. For instance, if I want to sell my car online on Carbiz, these are all the things they require to make an offer. Some other info like chassis number and engine number can also be useful, both for sale and in emergencies.

How to Check Tire Pressure

Driving with under- or over-inflated tires are both dangerous and costly (they wear out quicker). On the inside of your driver’s door, there’s a tire pressure recommendation, both for your front and back tires. Head to your local gas station, search for an air pump and check your pressure using the gauge. Add or remove air if needed. It’s that easy.

How to Check Oil Levels

The oil in your car prevents your engine from overheating. So, if the levels are running low, it can cause your engine to fry which costs a lot of money and can be very dangerous. So, check your oil regularly (preferably when your engine is warm). Adding oil is simple and crucial.

How to Refill Washer Fluid

Another important point that can save lives. Driving with a dirty windshield is annoying and very dangerous, so make sure your washer fluid is full. Check it regularly so that you don’t run out in crucial times.

How to Drive a Stick

Hey, you never know what can happen. What if you’re the only sober one coming from a party and everyone relies on you to drive home in their six-speed car? It really pays off to know how to drive a stick. It’s much easier than it looks and once you get the hang of it, it can ever be fun! 

How to Get Unstuck

Lately, winters are really tricky and unpredictable, so it’s really useful knowing what to do when you get stuck in the snow. Try going forward and reversing to create a snow-free area with traction. If that doesn’t work, you can put a floor mat, cardboard or even some kitty litter under your tires to gain better traction. Whatever you do, don’t floor it—it will make things worse.

You don’t have to know anything about mechanics or electronics in order to be knowledgeable about your car. All these must-knows are very easy to remember, so grab your keys and try them out.

Diana Smith

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