Indulging Without Guilt: 5 Beauty Splurges to Make When You Need to Lift Your Spirit



Taking care of our skin has become imperative. Slathering on numerous moisturizers, putting on makeup, and making sure our face is wrinkle free is now a part of our everyday routine. That’s precisely why one of the biggest splurges we make is definitely on beauty products, even though not all of the shopping pays off in the end. While most of the products may seem worth a buck, usually they’re nothing more than a good packaging with a hefty price. Therefore, we present to you five beauty splurges you won’t regret so you can bring your beauty routine and beauty confidence to a whole new level.

Quality Highlighter

Makeup products have taken the spotlight these past few years, and now is the time for highlighters to take the center stage. Accentuating your highest face points has become an art by itself, so unless you add some glow to your face, your makeup will look dull, thus making the overall look unnatural. This is exactly the reason why you should pay good money for a quality highlighter.

If your skin is oily, compact, super soft, and finely milled pressed highlighters are your best pick. On the other hand, a creamy formula will be much more suitable for dry skin types. A touch of highlighter on your cheekbones, under your eyebrows, a bit on the cupids bow, and you’ll have a freshly looked skin with a naturally-looking glow!

Trendy Lipstick

A beautiful pout is an essential part of every 
makeup look, and you just don’t look the same with and without lipstick. This is why a quality lipstick should absolutely be on your shopping list. The formula that cares for your lips, looks flattering on you, and won’t smear off after you’ve sipped some drink or taken a bite of a delicious cupcake, is worth splurging on even if the price goes over $20. Creamy matte finishes are extremely popular this season, as well as metallic liquid lipsticks that’ll make your lips truly pop. Whether you go for the liquid lipstick or a traditional creamy formula, as long as the lipstick gives your lips all the care they need, and looks beautiful, it’s worth every penny.

Beauty Treatment


From microdermabrasion, through hydrating treatments, and over to lip fillers, pampering yourself with a beauty treatment should definitely be one of the splurges of the month! Adding a bit of plumpness to your lips will enhance your feminine beauty by offering you stunning results really quickly. Thanks to the experienced and professional injectors, 
special medical lip fillers will give you a natural look, while preserving the moisture of your lips. It’s a safe and lasting alternative to collagen or fat infills, so if you’d like to get a quick and natural treatment for your lips, the lip filler treatment is the one for you.

High-End Foundation

You can’t imagine a makeup look without a foundation, which is why you shouldn’t regret a dime spent on this product! Considering the fact that you’re covering your entire face with a foundation, especially if you need a good coverage for all the pimples, discoloration or a more problematic skin, splurging on a high-end foundation will actually be a smart decision. Therefore, if you’ve found the one over $35, just pay for it. In this way, you’ll get full, yet natural coverage, and won’t even have to use a plethora of other products to enhance your natural beauty.

Hydrating Serums

The new formula of 
anti-aging serums is specially mixed to smoothen out the existing and prevent any new wrinkles and fine lines from forming. Thanks to the natural ingredients, enzymes and provitamins found, for example, in salmon roe, firming eye serums will tighten your skin and make it look younger and brighter. For people with dry skin, active hydrating serums will be a true treasure and an amazing addition to their skincare routine. If you also have hyperpigmentation, certain serums will brighten up the dark spots and make the skin more radiant than ever before!

Final Thoughts

Money maybe cannot buy happiness, but it can buy all the products that’ll make you feel better in your skin. And that is practically the same thing. The next time you go shopping, make sure you look for quality products that offer you good care and will pay off in a long run.

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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