The Inevitable Breakup – When You Know You Should Leave


We all hope to have that one special someone in our lives who we can share a happy, healthy, and loving relationship with. But sometimes we need to know when to let go of a bad situation and when we should end things. Some people are frightened of change in general, but especially when it comes to changing their relationship status and going from “in a relationship” to “single.” Very rarely do people wake up one day and say to themselves that they want to be single—as if that’s their goal of the day or week. 
That is, not unless they’re in a bad or toxic relationship and feel completely unhappy and miserable. But unfortunately, sometimes relationship either take a turn for the worse, never seem to improve, and you feel as if there’s no hope in things getting any better. Sometimes one or both people in a relationship feel unhappy more than not, but simply stay in their miserable relationship regardless.

Stop wasting time!

Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s time by staying with someone for the wrong reasons. Don’t stay in an unhappy situation until you wither away or lose hope of ever feeling loved or happy again. Don’t do that to yourself or to your partner. We all deserve to feel happy and be with our best possible match. Don’t settle for a stable status, or sweep your true feelings under the rug watching your life pass you by. Life is too short to be unhappy, and definitely for a long time.

Make a decision and stick to it. If you’re unhappy and know that your relationship isn’t what it should be, and supposing that you’ve done all that you can, leave, break up, and take the possible difficult but high road of short term darkness and long term light. Do what makes you happy in life. And that includes being with someone who brings light and love, warmth and happiness, smiles and laughter, and much much more into you life, rather than any negative emotions. Don’t settle for misery by avoiding change, and avoiding what you know is bound to happen eventually.

How long are you planning on wasting your time. How much of your life do you want to see pass you by. Yes, all rhetorical questions. Stop wasting your time, and value yourself, your time, your love, and your life enough, that you don’t waste it all away by being with or staying with the wrong person. The right person should make you feel happier with them, than without them. You should feel positive emotions when you’re in a relationship for the most part. That is, when you’re in a healthy, happy, and loving situation. But when you’re with someone who’s not really meant for you and not really your match, you’re settling. Don’t settle folks. Wait for that feeling of love and light from special special, where you click, where things naturally flow to a certain extent, and where you feel enthusiasm, inspired, and motivated.

If you know that you and your partner are headed south, and you’re heading towards an inevitable breakup, try your best to stay cordial, to end things with kindness, and to go your separate ways. And do so sooner, rather than later. Don’t stall or postpone a breakup for any reason. People make so many different excuses as to why they can’t or shouldn’t break up with someone when it’s inevitable and bound to eventually happen anyway. They will make so many excuses and find validity to all of them. But no my friends, my readers, and to all who are going through something as such, don’t stall a break up for any reason.

Having said the above, if you feel that there’s some occasion or some function happening in your life, your partner’s life, your family’s life, etc., it’s understandably why you’d want to stall a break up, but the least you should do in situations as such, is make a definite plan to have a sit down right afterwards. I mean, you don’t want to be a total jerk and break up with someone during, right before, or the second after a major and important time in their life. However, don’t delay happiness for too long, and without a truly good reason. Don’t delay feeling good, normal, and alive once again. I’d have to say that the only time to delay happiness, is when there’s a goal, a game plan, or some type of positive reason for doing so. But when your sole reason of delaying something such as a breakup is based on fear, that’s simply not a good enough reason. Make changes in your life that will bring about more happiness. We all deserve to live a happily ever after, and with the right person.

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