Having Integrity, and Living Without Regret



Sometimes we only get one chance to do things in life. That’s why we need to be cautious not to make stupid mistakes, and to go into situations with caution, but also to think really good and hard before making big decisions. It’s important that we take advantage of opportunities by putting our best foot forward, and by striving as hard as we possibly can, in order to get what we want. But even more so, to do things in the right manner, with integrity, and a righteous approach. They say that it’s important to live without regret. But I tend to think that, sometimes we do regret things that we do. This is why it’s important to be cautious before making any big decisions in life, and to think twice, before taking any big actions in your life that you’re unsure or doubtful about.

Being successful in life can be viewed in many different ways. It can mean that you have success in business, that you’re popular with your friends and have a great social life, or that you have an incredible relationship or a marriage, and possibly even with kids to show for it. Again, being successful can mean many things to different people. Having said that, true success is when you have success towards everything in your life, and in a balanced way. When you have a truly balanced life, nothing gets left out or falls behind. There’s a place for all of the things that are important to you, and you treat everything that’s important to you as if it were a priority. And this is the way that you’ll truly become successful in life towards everything, and not merely in one area.

We can prevent feeling regret or remorse by doing a few different things. First off, if we think before we act, then we prevent making certain mistakes that could end up having a huge downfall. Secondly, if we choose our words wisely, and think before we speak, we’ll be much less likely to hurt others with what we say. And yes it’s true, our words are very powerful, and they can cause mass destruction if we let them. Another thing that we can all do to prevent feeling regret and remorse, is to keep our word. Many times people say that our word is our bond, or that their word means everything, and if they promised something, you can hold them to it.

What’s truly unfortunate is when people go back on their word. Nothing hurts more than when someone lies to you or deceives you in different ways. And that’s why we should never give our word to someone or promise anyone things that we’re not 100% sure about. The same thing goes for our actions, and far as making big decisions in life. If you have any doubts about something, then you shouldn’t just throw caution to the wind, and hope for the best. You should think carefully before making any big decisions in life. And the same thing goes for when you speak and use powerful words.

You see, being that there’s so much power to our words and the things that we say, people tend to believe us, give us the benefit of the doubt, and believe in our word as being truthful and honest. When someone lies to you, it’s never an easy thing, if at all possible, to regain their trust. If you do these things, act cautiously, and think before you speak and take action, then you’ll be less likely to live your life feeling regretful. And remember, sometimes you only get one chance, or perhaps, one huge opportunity in life, so make the best of it, put it all out there, and go after what you want. But do so with integrity, a righteous approach, and with giving whatever it is enough thought beforehand. Sometimes, we don’t get second chances.

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