How to Know for Sure That You’ve Found the One



So many things happen when you find yourself in the right relationship. Not only will that right relationship be healthy, but it will be happy, and filled with so much love and joy that you’ll want to better yourself. And you’ll likely be willing to put so much effort and love into every little thing that you do with hopes that your love and the happiness that you’ll share with your partner will thrive. 

There are many ways that you can tell that you found “the one,” but it usually starts with how you feel on a daily basis, and for how long that feeling lasts. You see, we all get to experience that honeymoon type of feeling when we’re in a new relationship—when it’s a good one. But when you’re in the right relationship, and you’re with your best possible match, your other half, and what some would call “your soulmate,” sometimes, you just know. 

Sure, it’s easy to say that “you just know” that someone’s right for you, but how can anyone really tell, right? Well, for starters, that honeymoon type of feeling will last throughout your relationship and continue on throughout your life when it’s right. As well, you’ll become one another’s best friend, confident, and the person that you’ll go to whenever you have concerns, questions, or doubts. And the questions that you once had, will suddenly become obvious, leaving no question to remain, and no doubt in your mind. You’ll listen to them, and you’ll enjoy listening to them. And that loving feeling not only won’t fade over time, but it will grow into a deeper love that’s based on real substance. 

The love that you share with the right person will surpass all issues and problems by having healthy communication. When you’re with the right person, you’ll care about what each other’s needs are, but you’ll also care enough, and put extra effort into fulfilling their desires and wants just as much. The moment that you can’t imagine ever being close or intimate, and God forbid—dating another person other than this one special love of yours, is the very moment that you know, you just know.

That moment that you realize that this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, and far and beyond into old age, you just know. When you start to see the other person age and have what some might consider flaws like crow’s feet, wrinkles, age spots, hair loss, and any other superficial things that happen with old age, and you love them even more because of it, you just know. And when you’re younger and feeling so in love, you look at every little physical imperfection that they might have, and you view those imperfections as nothing other than complete perfection, wishing that they’ll never change it.

You love them in their natural state, undone, no makeup, and you see the beauty from their soul, and never on a merely superficial level. When you love a person so much, they can simply walk into a room, look at you, or when you know that you’re going to see them that very same day, your excitement is burning, yearning, and endless, and you just know. When you truly love someone and you know it’s right, you put them before yourself. Being selfless comes easy and natural for you, and you always, and I mean always have their best interest at heart.

When you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. When you feel that drive within you to succeed and to push yourself even harder to do things that you’ll both benefit from in life together. And when you’ll stop at nothing until you’ve achieved your goals, you just know. When you feel enthusiasm for life, and you even jump out of bed each morning filled with energy and positive light and love, you just know.
When you want to not only better yourself and to be the absolute best version of yourself, but when you want your partner to be at their best as well, you just know.

When you’re willing to sacrifice, to lose, to fail, and to fight for what you believe in, you just know. When you don’t want to give up, when the faith you have returns, and when you simply start to believe in G-d up above in Heaven, coming from a place of uncertainty and doubt, you just know. When you look into their eyes, and you can imagine having children with them, envisioned with beautiful details that one day, they’ll be just like your partner, your love, and your life, you just know. 
When you can’t imagine merely uttering one little white lie to your partner, and you can’t even remotely think of ever intentionally or unintentionally hurting the person, you just know.

The fact of the matter is, when you know that you’re in love, you just know it. When you love the person so deeply, and without conditions or motives, and when you can feel the person is with you, even when they’re far away, you just know. And when you know that you’re with the right person, and that they’re the person that you want to spend not only the rest of your life with, but to be happily consumed, spending every moment with them that you can, and as much time as possible until your very last breath, you just now… you’ve found the one. You’ve found the right person.

When it’s right, it’s right, and when you know… you just know.

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