How Laughter Can Save a Marriage


Being compatible with your partner is essential. But sometimes couples don’t get along, despite how compatible they are with one another. There are always things that couples can do to improve the happiness in their relationship. But many times couples have issues that even when they’re worked out, there ends up being residual pain or hurt from having to deal with all of the stress or turbulence from their fights or disagreements. 

Having said that, when any relationship is based on love, there are always things that couples can do to create more happiness and to bring back those loving feelings. Laughter is definitely one of them. Being able to laugh with your partner can be so helpful, especially during hard times. But even more so, after those hard times come to an end, when it’s time to make up with one another. Being able to laugh together can create a happy environment which can definitely bring back some of the love that you might feel had been lost or dissipated as you struggled through some issues or challenging times together. 

Laughter isn’t the only way that couples can rejuvenate their happiness and bring back the love in the relationship. But it’s definitely one of the biggest things that can help. It doesn’t matter where that laughter comes from, and it can even come from watching a silly, old sitcom together, as you both sit on the couch lounging out. You can even plan a night out at a comedy club or watch a movie together at the theater, where you’ll both laugh.

But then again, you can even find laughter in some of the little things that might not seem so funny to others, but because of the tension that you might have between you and your partner, you might find those certain things humorous. In other words, sometimes after an argument, you’ll be able to laugh about it later, making light out of a heavy situation. I suppose it depends on how intense the situation is though. This especially goes for when you’re married or are in a relationship with your best friend. Best friends always seem to find something to laugh about, even if it’s at themselves at times or how they’d messed up and acted poorly.

You should never feel as if the love is gone while you and your partner struggle through hard times and go through different and more challenging moments in your lives. Nothing will ever flow completely or end up being absolutely perfect as far as how compatible you are with your partner. You have to accept the fact that sometimes there will be arguments and big issues that arise.

However, just because you have issues with your partner at times, it doesn’t mean that your love for one another is gone for good, even if you find it hard to get past some of your emotions like hurt or anger. The love is still there, and it definitely hasn’t gone anywhere, just because you had some issues that you needed to work out. Your love needs to be that strong, and that bonded and close to one another, to the point where no matter what hard times you go through with one another, you both stay resilient, and remember that you’re in it for the long run, and not merely for the good times alone. 

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