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Feeling deeply for someone. Feeling in such a way where you can’t take your mind off of them, and you feel the desire, the urge, deep within you, to get every bit of information out of that person that you can. To learn all about them, and not necessarily in order to dissect every little thing about them, but yearning to get to know more, and more, until you feel that you’ve experienced a certain amount of life with them, but more so, through their eyes, their feelings, their views, and their interpretation. When you feel something for a person, and you do so on such a deep level, it can drive you insane, but in a good way. Insane, full of excitement, inspiration, and the desire to experience new and exciting adventures with the person.

Wanting to know what a person is like in different situations, scenarios, and how they interact with others, including your loved ones, your family, your kids perhaps, and even your friends. Seeing a person as if they were born just for you, just to share life with you, and just to be a part of your world, and to get to know you as well. Finding out what you’re all about, knowing you on a deeper level, and learning about all of your different idiosyncrasies, just as you’d want to know about theirs.

Getting close enough, to the point where there’s no surface or protective coating or reason to judge, or look beyond, or assume why person is the way that they are, why they choose to say the things that they say, but accepting, embracing, and giving a part of yourself to the person, just as you hope to acquire a part of them.

Not just physical. The person’s exterior beauty is far and beyond, but their soul exudes from their eyes, rather than the coating of their skin, showing you a light, one that you’ve never seen or could’ve even imagined getting the opportunity to experience—outside of a beautiful fairy tale. Real love, genuine, authentic, and pure love. An indescribable feeling, it’s so powerful, and feels completely one with your soul. To get that type of love, that type of affection, and that type of connection with another human being is everything, and should never be taken for granted, or even thought twice about.

Explore, give in, and embrace the temptation to love the person that you’re meant to be with, and the only way to do so is with all of your heart, not just a part of it. Embrace what you want, what you desire, and what you feel is meant to be yours, and do so wholeheartedly, and without hesitance from fear of what could be, or even how wonderful it might feel. Know that you deserve this kind of love, this kind of feeling, and these kinds of emotions.

When you realize that you could have everything that your heart desires, everything that you’ve been waiting for since the time that you were reading those same fairytales, and all that you long to have, love, hold, and maintain throughout your life, you’ll be able to. In that very moment, which is right now, and in this very moment, you’ll feel what I mean. It will resonate, and it will connect with your soul like the explosion of a full moon, shattering it’s light throughout the world, and turning what was night into day. The most beautiful day, the most wondrous day, to start something new.

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One thought on “Let’s Start Something New

  1. That filling of the heart about burst through your chest, the take-away-your-breath feeling when they reach for your hand, the slow smile of acceptance and calm security, the heat generated in the hug, not to mention the perfect kiss. Once found, breathe their air and taste wine on their lips. Take every moment and let it course through your veins until it seems you can both save the world while it evaporates leaving only the two of you in a timeless dance

    I love this one, so very beautifully written and encouraging.

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