Letting Others Control Your Happiness


We all want to be happy. After all, that is the ultimate goal in life. We should all have a stable amount of happiness that we feel within us, despite what goes on from moment to moment in our everyday lives. However, many times outside influences can influence our happiness, and even more so, at times other people can affect our happiness as well. It’s imperative not to let anyone try to bring you down in life or take away from your happiness or inner peace. Feeling happy and at peace within your soul is crucial and it’s something that we all strive for.

You can’t expect for others to create happiness within you, because you need to do it for yourself. You need to be a whole person that feels fulfilled and content from within. You can’t expect that if you’re an unhappy type of person that you could even remotely become happier by meeting and falling in love with someone who’s happy. Being in a relationship with someone who’s happy doesn’t make you happy, and if anything you’ll wind up taking away from their happiness if you’re a miserable and unhappy person.

We should all be a whole person and happy ourselves before getting into any type of relationship. This includes friendships too I might add. No one wants to be around anyone if they’re going to be miserable or unhappy all of the time. People like to be around others that create more happiness and peace, and if anything, healthy and happy people like to surround themselves with others that are like-minded.

People who are in a happy and healthy state of mind not only surround themselves with others who are similar to themselves, but they also try to avoid drama and all types of toxic people whenever possible. If you’re generally a happy type of person, and you suddenly come into contact with someone or find yourself in a relationship with someone who starts to bring you down in life or takes away from your happiness, you need to do something about it.

You shouldn’t let anyone control your happiness or take away from it for that matter. No one should have that much control over your emotions. Unfortunately, many times people do so, and only cause themselves misery, discomfort, and pain. Sticking around while others bring you down and take away from your happiness can drag you down in life, take away from your enthusiasm, your focus, your drive to succeed, and ultimately, your happiness.

Letting people control your happiness is a big mistake. You should never give people such a high power to control you in such a way that they’re able to take away from the happiness you feel from within. When people take away your happiness, it can affect your sleep, your eating habits, your work, and your mental focus. Being unhappy can destroy you from within, and knowing that our ultimate goal is to be happy and feel good in life, we shouldn’t let others bring us down. Remember, we need to choose to be happy, and when we make that choice, no one can take away from it unless we let them.

So the next time you find yourself in a scenario or a situation where others are trying to bully you, bring you down, make you feel bad, or consciously or subconsciously are trying to hurt you in anyway, you should distance yourself from that person, and remember that you control your own emotions so keep them stable, keep your chin up, smile at the world, and remember to be happy.

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