Why Life Without Balance Kills Motivation


We should always strive towards maintaining balance in all aspects of our lives. When we have balance in our life, we treat everything that’s important to us as a priority. We make the time to get everything we need to done, and we even make the time to relax, and enjoy life. When it comes to relationships, and you’re in a healthy one, it shouldn’t take over your entire life. When a relationship is healthy, it maintains balance and fills in that missing void of not having a partner. And if anything, when you’re in a great relationship, it adds more balance to your life. 

But unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in bad or toxic relationships that not only consume us, but that do so negatively. A healthy relationship should never make you feel drained or so consumed to the point where you don’t get anything else in your life done. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you tend to feel more motivated and determined to wake up early, go after your dreams, and conquer the world. But when you’re in a bad relationship, you’ll not only be unhappy, but you’ll likely feel less motivated in all other areas of your life, and you’ll completely end up losing any sense of balance that you might’ve had.

I’m sure that we’d all like to be consumed with our partner and to feel consumed by them as well. And as long as we’re consumed in a healthy and loving manner, it will create happiness and make us fight even harder towards our goals, giving us room to breathe, and feel alive, which in turn will bring balance to our life. It’s imperative to make sure that your relationship is healthy, and you’ll likely know it will be, by how often you laugh, how often you smile, and whether you’re happy more than you’re angry or sad.

No one should stay in an unhappy or unhealthy situation. And when couples start to feel drained, unloved, unsupported, and as if they’re losing all sense of balance in their life, it might be time to reevaluate your relationship altogether, or at the very least, have a very serious talk with your partner. Never settle for someone that doesn’t make you happy, or that doesn’t add to your life. The right type of partner is one that will create more balance in your life, instead of taking away from it.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in a healthy relationship, I feel happier, more determined, more enthusiastic, more energetic, and much more inspired towards achieving my goals and going after what I want. When I’m in a healthy relationship, I definitely smile more than I frown, and laugh more than I cry or get angry. We all deserve to feel loved by our partner, and the right partner will make us feel loved. But part of the love that we should be feeling from the right type of partner, will be the type of love that adds to your life, completes you, and maintains or even improves the balance that you already had when you met them. 

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