Losing Her Essence


When love is silent

Swept away

Cold waves are splash-less

Lonelier days.

Time doesn’t heal

The damage is done

The essence is lost

Time to move on.

Shadows, they’ll linger

Too many words left

Impure was its nature

Temptation at best.

Try to move on

But the energy remained

Wilted old flower

What’s left in my veins.

You tried to provoke me

You try to get back

But enough was enough

No more here to crack.

Sticks and stones

They break and they burn

Lost me completely

But the page I can turn.

Left me on fire

Or did I leave you first

Relentless and cold

The coward, he burst.

His tears always fall

His torment is his own

Shattered and battered

His shoes are now worn.

Fruitless and reckless

His shades turned to grey

Impure as I thought

Like the very first day.

You tricked me, you lied

Never kept your word

Completely denied

Now free as a bird.

You had what you wanted

You had a great plan

Was great, although tainted

The elephant you plant.

You made your own choices

You live, but don’t bend

The gift you received

Left a battle in the end.

Anne Cohen
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