Loving Hard Early on Is Easy – Here’s Why You Should Love Hard Always


They say that nothing good in life comes easy. You have to work hard for what you want. When it comes to finding your best possible match, you should know what you want or at least have some idea what you’re looking for. So let’s say that you’ve found that special someone. We all tend to love the honeymoon phase in a relationship. And what would be ideal, is to do whatever for it takes to make your relationship great and honeymoon-like forever, and not merely in the beginning.

If you go about dating and exploring a relationship in the right manner, that honeymoon phase can last for a lifetime. But unfortunately, many times people put so much love and effort into the other person as well as the relationship early on, and solely, in the beginning. And then as their relationship progresses, they get used to each other and they stop putting in the same amount of love and effort. This tends to be the point in a relationship where things start to get sour, boring and deteriorate.

It’s important to put the same amount of love and effort that you did at the beginning of your relationship for always, and if anything, you should be putting more and more love and effort into improving things the longer that you’re together. I mean think about it, because the more that you know someone, the more that you should trust them, the more that you should feel comfortable with them, and the more that you should love them and on a deeper level. Therefore, you should be putting more love and effort into your relationship and your partner the longer that you’re together.

Your partner should know how much you care about them through your words and your actions. Let your partner know how much you love them by being good to them on a regular basis, stable, and by giving them enough attention, enough security, by making the time for them, and by doing kind and selfless acts like sweet gestures. These are not things that should be done solely at the beginning of a relationship and in the honeymoon phase. Things should be done throughout your relationship, and possibly even, for the rest of your lives together.

Many times, we put so much love and effort into things early on, but when we stop, we’re no longer maintaining what we worked so hard to attain and develop.
Once you have anything good in life, you need to maintain it, and that includes the love that you share with your partner, as well as the love and effort that you put into making a relationship happy. If you care enough about anything in life, you need to work hard to maintain it.

Good relationships take hard work, so whoever disagrees with me, I’m going to have to disagree with them. As well, I’d have to agree with what Dennis Prager said, “Nothing good in life comes without pain.” We need to know how valuable good things are in life, appreciate what we have when we have it, and when we work so hard to get something, we need to cherish it, not only in the beginning, but we need to cherish it, care about it, and put even more love and effort into maintaining it, so that it lasts, so that the quality is the best, and in relationships, so that the love and happiness of a couple will grow, thrive, and last for the long-term. 

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