How to Make Your Partner Feel Loved


When you love someone and truly care about them on a deeper level, it will show not only through your words, but through your actions. Anyone can tell you that they love you, but how someone acts towards you, will speak louder than any amount of words. Despite how good some of those words may sound. Sure, people can say that they love you, that they care about you, that they want you to be happy, and that they have your best interest at heart. But if someone’s words and actions aren’t aligned, the other person likely won’t feel very loved.

It’s imperative to be able to express yourself and to communicate your feelings with your partner. There should be a good balance between what you say and what you do. This way, your partner will believe that you truly love them, and they won’t second guess it. They’ll see that you’re not merely using your words to either get what you want, to soften a situation, ease any tension, lighten up the mood, or because you think perhaps, it will make them feel loved by hearing it in words. You should show your partner just how much you care about them by doing sweet gestures, keeping your word, being honest, trustworthy, and doing your share of things in your relationship.

When one person does all of the giving, all of the loving, and does whatever needs to get done in a relationship, while the other person sits back, doesn’t express themselves or their feelings to you, and doesn’t show you how much they love you through their words and actions, you likely won’t be happy, won’t feel loved, and in a nutshell, you’re in a one-sided relationship. If this sounds like a situation that you’re in right now, then you need to communicate how you’re feeling to your partner, because sometimes, it’s unintentional and can be fixed through good communication and effort.

Every relationship takes a certain amount of love, effort, and work. You need to be willing to give to your partner, to be selfless, and to show your partner how much you care by putting effort into whatever you do for them. There should never be ulterior motives for doing sweet things for your partner, other than to make them feel loved and adored. And you should never assume that you know what your partner wants you to do or what makes them feel love the most. You need to ask them directly. You should feel comfortable when you’re in a healthy relationship to communicate your feelings, to ask questions, and to express yourself wholeheartedly as to what your wants and needs are in a relationship. Feeling uncomfortable to express yourself or communicate your feelings to your partner is never a good sign of a healthy relationship.

Last but not least, when you truly love someone, they should feel it. Having said that, if they’re not feeling it, then perhaps it’s not necessarily something that you’re doing wrong, but it’s their own issues that they need to work on. Perhaps they don’t feel worthy of love, and perhaps that’s because they were never loved or shown unconditional love in their childhood and in their upbringing. And if that’s the case, then it’s an issue that they need to get resolved, because they need to be whole and complete before exploring a relationship. But if that’s not the case, and your partner doesn’t feel your love, then perhaps it’s because your actions and words are not aligned, or perhaps it’s because you’ve let them down, you’ve lied to them, you haven’t kept your word, or you’ve hurt them on some level. There could be many reasons why your partner doesn’t feel loved, but the best way to find out why that is, rather than sweeping that issue under the rug, is to communicate with them, and address the issue at hand.

We all deserve to feel loved and cared for by our partner. And whether you’re a man or a woman, we all want to feel loved and adored as much as possible. When we don’t feel as if our partner truly and utterly loves us, we start to get down about life in general. No one wants to feel unloved, and especially by the person who their closest to in their life. Make sure that both you and your partner feel satisfied and left in your relationship, and the best way to make sure of that, is by having open communication, having a foundation of trust and honesty, and by being selfless, keeping your word, and doing your share of things in your relationship.

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