Making Peace – Once and for All


It’s astonishing just how many of us go about our lives filled with fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, sadness, and feel miserable more than we’re happy on a daily basis. Many of us hold onto the past, when we should be letting it go. And some of us coequal tend to say—even to ourselves— that we’ve let our past go, yet knowingly or unknowingly, deep down inside, we’re still hung up on bits and pieces of hurt or resentment. There’s no better time than right now and this very minute, for all of us to just let go of the past, forgive, and perhaps even to forget, or at least, to move on with our lives and become whole and complete once again. In order to live our lives with good spirits and to feel happier, we need to do certain things to create happiness starting from within.

Why must so many people hold onto bad feelings, and do so, for such a long time? It’s time to make peace with your past, let go of it all, and start to live for today and tomorrow. We’re all alive, but sometimes, many of us don’t make the most out of our lives. We’re not really living until we let go of unnecessary toxic emotions. We need to let go of all envy, jealousy, bitterness, anger, resentment, hate, and all other emotions that bring unhappiness. Ask yourselves, why are you holding a grudge, why are you so jaded, and why are you still in a funk, in such a depressed, miserable, and sad mood, when life can be so incredibly beautiful. Let go. Let go of those unhappy feelings. Make a choice to be happy and to feel good.

I was just driving along Ventura this morning getting a slice of pizza—and for those who know me—I know, I know, pizza isn’t vegan (especially the yummy one I ate), but I’m not a vegan anymore, and I only lasted a month—back to my story. So I was driving along thinking how good it feels to be kind to others. Then I thought, if only I could express how I was feeling and put it all into an article. But the truth is, I can only express my feelings to a certain extent, and unfortunately, my thoughts and words even when expressed from the bottom of my soul won’t resonate to all. And still, I try…  When I’m kind to others, smile, show respect, show my appreciation and gratitude for the little things, and when I do selfless acts wanting absolutely nothing in return, it feels damn good—to me.

I can’t deny that I go through these moments at times, where I have certain feelings which I suppose, I don’t really share with many people, or anyone for that matter—maybe my kids. Feeling mostly as if maybe living somewhere else, somewhere more deserted, more peaceful, running away, and removing myself far far away from everyday stresses, including other people, would be better for someone like me. Some people can be so mean, heartless, and cruel, and sometimes people are this way intentionally. It can hard to deal with. Especially, if someone has so much love for other people.

Sometimes, I think I’m simply too sensitive for this world. I mean, I feel everything. And sometimes, it just hurts. Like most other people, I have to deal with other people’s emotions to a certain extent. But you see, even if people would lock themselves up in their room, they have to open up their door at some point if they truly want to be happy or they might go nuts and become lonely as hell. And sure, it would help to shut down all electronic devices, phones, turn off social media, and whatnot at times. But still, the second that we’d come out of our caves, we’d be right back where we were, square one, faced with stress, outside noise, emotions, and in a nutshell, with reality.

Having said all of the above, this is the real world. It’s no secret. We have to face life. This is life. That’s why we need to make the best of it. So rather than desiring to live in a cave (emotionally), move to a farm, or stay away from all other people, and mostly, just to avoid the negativity in the world, it’s better if we all build up a newfound resilience, become stronger, kinder, and embrace the beauty in life, getting hung up on the good things in this world, rather than feeling stuck from the bad. We need to make peace with the world, and like I said, it all starts from within.

We need to be whole and happy inside. We can’t change other people. And although it can be beneficial to minimize our contact with unhappy people who will bring you down, rather than lift you up, we shouldn’t close all doors, because there’s way too much beauty that this world has to offer, including beautiful and kind souls. When you’re kind to others, it feels so good, that I can’t imagine not having that feeling. And I know that I’d never get it if I was behind closed doors all of the time, locked away, and avoiding all human interaction. However, sometimes taking a little alone time can be a good thing. But not for the purpose of disappearing from the world and hiding, but more so, to give yourself a break, and a chance to recoup, hit refresh, rejuvenate, and become stronger. A little prayer or meditation can be truly beneficial as well.

I’d be lying to myself and to others if I said that my life or anyone’s life would always run smoothly, and that there would never be bumps in the road, hard times, or emotions that we’d like to rid ourselves of. However, we need to live in reality, but also, we need to try to embrace the positive things in life, rather than stay hung up on the negative. That’s why we must make peace with our past in order to find true happiness. And making peace with our past goes hand in hand with making peace with ourselves, and the world around us. One of the biggest ways to start having peace with the world, is to forgive others, to forgive ourselves, and even to forgive those who are not apologetic for their wrong doings. Let it all go.

If you want to have peace in life, make your peace, and create a life that will be filled with happiness. Surround yourselves with kind, warm, and loving people who care about what type of person they are. Be righteous, do good deeds, and give back at any time that you can. Be kind to other people. Be selfless, thoughtful, loving, giving, and appreciative of all that you have in life. Life is too short to lock yourself up in a room or to live somewhere deserted from all man kind, even if to avoid toxic and negative people or so that you won’t feel unhappy emotions. Happiness will come when you’re ready to embrace it, but it mostly involves having peace, letting go of the past, and embracing the good things in life.

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