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Once you know what you want in life, or at least have a basic idea or goal that you hope to achieve, you need to go after it. But still, there are some things that you should be aware of when searching for your partner. You’re not going to find a complete package of exactly what you want. As well, you can’t expect to find perfect in this world, because it doesn’t exist. Having said that, I do believe that although there isn’t a perfect match for you, me, or anyone else in the world, there is a best possible match.

It’s important to realize that what you’re looking for is your best possible match, because then you’ll avoid things that will distract you and take you away from your search. It’s important not to lose focus when you have a goal. This is why it’s imperative to stay on track, remain focused, and not be distracted by things like “a great catch.” You see, you’re not looking for a great catch, but instead, you’re looking for your best possible match. Not a duplicate version of yourself. Not an identical twin. But someone that will be a full and complete package, authentic in their ways, beautiful inside and out, and one that will compliment your life in every possible way. To compliment your life, they’d have to be different than you, not the same.

When looking for your best possible match, it’s important to know that you’ll never find someone who’s your exact twin. While dating someone, you should try to develop a friendship at the same time as a relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that you should become friends first, and then date. I’m not into that, and I don’t agree with that mentality, and for those that are on dating sites and writing that or even worse, if someone tells you that they want to be friends first, and then date, move on to someone that will be more emotionally available, and mature enough to handle an adult relationship.

Dating and building a friendship should go hand-in-hand. You don’t need to be friends first. I believe that we should all try to marry our absolute best friend. If we can’t marry our best friend, then we should build a best friend within our partner. Becoming friends and lovers is a big factor that could help build a happy and healthy relationship. When relationships are built with someone that’s also your friend, there’s a sense of trust, honesty, compatibility, comfort level, and great communication that make it so beautiful.

Being friends with your partner for life is something that many times doesn’t happen, and I can honestly say that it’s truly unfortunate. Many times marriages lack the foundation pillar of friendship, and for some people and for that reason alone, they end in divorce. You need to be friends with your partner. I wish I knew this years ago, but I got married so young. In a romantic relationship, we should have the same qualities that we’d find in a best friendship. Those things that I’d just mentioned above like honesty, trust, great communication, and a good comfort level are all essential ingredients to a happy and healthy relationship. Relationships need to be based on a solid and strong foundation. One of those foundation pillars is becoming your partner’s best friend.

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11 thoughts on “You Should Marry Your Best Friend

  1. One of the best parts of loving and being loved is acceptance. Knowing you are accepted as you are, if you will or will not improve and living in step with room to grow neither hindering or pushing.
    To accept your beloved means you really adore them and whatever they do is really okay with you. You are their biggest advocate, cheer leader coach and confidant. Basically you’d prefer to be with them, just be.

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