Maximize Your Chances of Finding ‘the One’ by Doing These Things


Being single in LA can be tough. But really, being single anywhere can be tough. It’s not really about the city or even the state that you live in that makes being single more challenging at times. But it’s more so about the people who you surround yourselves with, the places you go to meet other singles, and even the dating apps and single’s sites that you’re hoping to meet someone in. Dating can be more challenging depending on who tags along with you when you go out, the friends who you bring along to places, and the people who you’re letting into your social circles, and heaven forbid, the one’s who are giving you possibly bad advice when it comes to dating.

There are good and bad people all around the world, so it’s always difficult when you have to weed through good and bad people, let alone, having to weed through who would be a good or bad match for you. We all hope to find our best possible match. And most of us would prefer not to settle for anything less than what we want (click here). So for starters, know what you want, or I should say, at the very least, have some idea of what you want. But at the same time, keep an open mind, because sometimes, we learn to want things in a person, that we never knew we wanted  until seeing them. This is one thing that makes getting to know someone new so much fun and exhilarating—learning and discovering all about what makes them so unique and different from the rest.

I think that what we’d really all like, is to go on our last first date with someone, to meet someone who we truly feel potential with, and to have that refreshing feeling as if we’ve finally found someone, where we suddenly feel incredible feelings of hope, optimism, and most of all, magic. We all want that person who we’ll desire to talk to you, spend time with, and get to know on a deeper level. That one special someone, who will consume us in a beautiful way, and who will be our first thought when we wake up each morning, and our last thought, as we go to sleep at night. The one we can either come home to or the one who will be waiting at home with a smile to greet us when we arrive home at the end of our day.

I truly believe that there’s someone for everyone in this world. Just because finding the right person to date might be challenging, it’s important that we don’t lose hope, give up, or become pessimistic or jaded, just because it’s taking longer than we’d prefer. They say that “G-d has His own timeframe, despite our timeframe in life.” And that’s why it’s imperative to have faith, to stay optimistic, and to be hopeful while in our search for our best possible match.

However, the one thing that we should do, being that remaining optimistic isn’t really enough, is put effort into being the best version of ourselves, being whole in who we are, and remaining confident (but not arrogant) while in our search, despite how challenging it may feel at times. Having said that, even if we’re optimistic and hopeful, as well as if we work on ourselves and improve ourselves from within, we still need to put ourselves out there, make ourselves available, and make the time, put out the effort, and make dating a priority. It’s important to let down your guard, have an open heart, an open mind, and to smile, and be approachable. If you do all of these things, finding your best possible match will be a lot easier.

Last but not least, rid yourself of negativity. Get rid of all of those pessimistic thoughts that are most likely draining your light and positivity, and clouding your judgment, as well as your hope and all of the beauty that should be sparkling and exuding from your beautiful soul. Think with optimism. You are good enough. You think you’re too nice? And that’s why you’re not finding someone? Wrong! You need to be nice. You need to be kind, so that you’ll attract kind and like-minded individuals. Be a good person and you’ll be much more likely to attract good people. And in the process, be that refreshing person who you’d like to meet.

Be loving and accepting of people who cross your path, despite whether you want to date them or not. Be nice for goodness sake, and don’t ghost people or ignore those who aren’t your best possible match. But instead, be honest, direct, and kind. Learn how to get what you want in life, but without hurting others along the way. Take a moment to think before you act and speak. There are kind ways to decline an invite or to let someone know that you’re not interested. And eventually, you’ll rise to the top, you’ll find your best possible match—your soulmate, and you’ll get what you want in life. But you’ll do so, while remaining a good person, who is kind and loving to all people, and not merely the one or one’s who you feel meet your standards or those who you wish to date.

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about happiness. And happiness is catchy, and always, and I mean always routed from kindness. Therefore, if you want to ultimately maximize your chances of finding “the One,” be kind, and I’m sure that G-d will act favourably unto you when it comes to finding your match.

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2 thoughts on “Maximize Your Chances of Finding ‘the One’ by Doing These Things

  1. … the _last_ first date …” ahhhh I like the sound of that! Finding “the one” is exhausting work! And I mean work. At least in my case anyway because she is the one whom I search out. Another great article Anni. Thanks. Shalom

  2. … the _last_ first date …” shhhh I like the sound of that! Finding “the one” is exhausting work! And I mean work. At least in my case anyway because she is the one whom I search out. Another great article Anni. Thanks. Shalom

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