Meditation Garden: How to Create the Perfect Peaceful Outdoor Space



As the warmer seasons are approaching, we want to do our best to maximize our outdoor space and spend as much time outside as we can. You might not be a professional landscape artist, but these tips will make sure that your yard is the perfect natural oasis where you can relax and be at peace.

Plant the Right Plants

Your garden can look a thousand different ways just based on which plants you’ve decided to grow. There are a few things that you want to be looking for when choosing your plants: Firstly, of course, you want to make sure it’s something you like the look and smell of. You should also take into consideration the size of your garden, as something too big can dominate a smaller space and not only visually shrink it, but also steal the much-needed sun from other plants by covering them.

Thirdly, you need to think about everything that comes with a specific plant. If it’s a fruit, you’ll have to pick it to make sure it doesn’t rot, if it’s a flower, it might attract bees – and a garden full of them can be a hazard. You also want to make all the plants work together, both in their color schemes and their natural looks. If you like the look of a certain sapling but you’re not sure how it will look when it fully grows, look up pictures online to be prepared for when it’s tall and mighty.

Don’t Try to Outdo Yourself

Yes, you want a beautiful garden, but a garden is a living, breathing thing, and you want to make sure you’re not slaving away everyday pruning and mowing the lawn just to keep it under control. Plants that are easy to maintain will give you a little bit of mindful time while you’re watering them, but it won’t get you stressed about having to constantly take care of them or panicking if you skip a day. You also want to choose plants that are native to the climate you’re living in because otherwise, you’ll have to invest a lot to keep them going and blooming, but they still won’t be at their peak no matter how hard you try.

Make It Accessible

Nobody will want to sit in the garden if every time they go out, they have to navigate through mud or bring out chairs from a shed on the other part of the garden. You want to lure people (and yourself) outside by making it simple to just go out, sit down and enjoy the sun. This requires some preparation: a good idea is to pour out decorative concrete to create a path through the garden so that anyone can walk along without being afraid of stepping on something they shouldn’t have. Secondly, you want to create a sitting space. Depending on your yard, it can be a hammock or a full patio with a seating arrangement and grill. Whatever you decide to put down, make sure it’s comfortable.

Start Small 

You don’t have to do your entire garden in a week. Plan a few saplings and get used to tending to them. Then, when you feel like you’re ready, add some more plants. Maybe add a pond with a few fish after a while, or a swing set. Doing it all at once is a sure way to forget about a plant or to overwhelm yourself, defeating the entire purpose of a calming garden in the first place. Remember that you don’t have to do it alone, and you can get family members to all be responsible for a different plant or area of the garden. You can also start with something indoors, like a herb garden in the kitchen or a small potted plant in the living room if you’re not ready to take the big step to the outdoors. 

There are numerous benefits to having an outdoor area, but mainly it’s that spending time with nature if beneficial to both our mental and physical health, and it’s a fact that we need a lot more of both of those. Remember that an outdoor space can also be a small terrace or a balcony if that’s all you have to work with, but still try to always be in touch with nature.

Diana Smith

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