Meeting Your Partner’s Needs and Feeling Satisfied in Relationships



When it comes to being in a relationship, we all have certain needs that have to get fulfilled. It’s important to know the difference between wants and needs. Needs must be met, whereas wants and desires are nice to have if they’re met. In other words, needs are essential and mandatory, and wants are great, but they’re more like frosting, than the cake. 

Happiness in relationships takes both people willing to give, and put effort into one another. It also takes both people being willing to put effort and hard work into improving things within the relationship whenever needed. It’s always nice to do things ‘just because’ it will create more happiness for your partner. There should be a healthy balance between doing things because you have to and doing things ‘just because’ it will bring more happiness for your partner, and for you both as a couple. 

No one wants to feel forced into do nice things for someone. Sweet gestures and kind acts should always be done out of a pure and genuine place, and more so, because you want to see someone happy, and without having an ulterior motive. It’s important to be selfless in life, and definitely when it comes to doing sweet things for your partner. I consider sweet gestures and doing things ‘just because’ as not only selfless on one’s part, but I’d basically consider it to be like frosting on a cake.

There are things that you need to have in a healthy relationship if you want it to be truly successful. Not everyone is going to have the same needs in a relationship, and it’s important to know that from the get-go. You can’t expect that your needs are going to be identical to your partner’s needs. It’s a great idea to communicate what your needs are with your partner, and ask them what theirs are as well, so that you’re able to do everything that you can to achieve them, if you’re able to that is.

I’d consider the must-have things in a relationship, and the needs that must be met as the foundation of the cake. The foundation is essential to have. If you do the things that are must-haves and that need to be done in your relationship and for your partner, and you do them in a sweet and kind manner, that’s like having a sweet foundation or a sweet cake if you will.

Everybody wants to have frosting and to enjoy the good things in life,  things that they like, as well as any favours or sweet gestures that one might get the chance at enjoying – done by their partner. Remember, sweet gestures need to go both ways. If you’re not a fan of cake and frosting, this is still relevant to you if you’re in a relationship. Please try and understand what I’m saying here.

When you’re in a relationship and you have a great foundation, which means everything from healthy communication, trust, honesty, to your needs both being met as a couple, then there’s still going to be a missing space and an emptiness if you don’t do sweet things or even keep the romance alive in your relationship. This is why there needs to be a healthy balance between doing things because you need to, and doing things because it would be sweet to.

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