Millennials and Dating: Most Common Problems and Possible Solutions



There’s no doubt that millennials date differently to past generations. The world of social media and online dating means that meeting somebody at a bar or event is no longer the usual way to come across your future partner or even spouse; more and more people are meeting on dating apps such as Tinder and getting to know each other before they’ve even met up in person.

However, the new world of dating apps, casual hook-ups and marrying later on in life comes with its own set of problems. Although all generations have had their issues, there are certainly specific millennial dating problems that this generation tends to experience the most. The way millennials date certainly isn’t all doom and gloom, but they do tend to have common problems that pop up. Here are some of the main ones: 

Different Goals


Today’s young people tend to have quite different goals than their ancestors when it comes to their future. Unlike your grandparents, for example, many millennials don’t prioritize settling down and starting a family straight away. Many have different priorities, such as traveling the world or working on their careers first – meaning that most millennials today are making plans without their partners in mind. 

Of course, this isn’t the case for all millennial relationships, and a chat with your partner about your different future goals is key to smoothing out these problems early on and coming to a compromise that you can both work with. 

Difficulty Communicating About Conflict


According to therapists, a difficulty to communicate clearly about conflict is just one of the biggest reasons why millennial relationships don’t work out today. Couples don’t often know how to communicate their needs and wishes to their partner, particularly since so many young people today rely on texting to start and maintain their conversations. 

This means that although many couples are in constant contact with each other via social media and text, a lot of the most important conversations aren’t being had. Remember that no matter how difficult it can be to 
communicate with your partner, the more important conversations are always best being held in person. 

Anxiety About the Future


Today’s young people are feeling nearly ever-present anxiety about their future, and this can quickly spill over into a relationship. Millennials today lack the security that previous generations enjoyed when it comes to areas such as housing, finance, and employment. This uncertainty can make it difficult to relax and trust, in addition to possessing the calm outlook that’s needed to nurture a happy relationship. If anxiety about your current life or future is affecting your bond with your partner, try these 
simple tips that could improve your relationship

Oversharing on Social Media


With social media taking up a huge part of our daily lives, it’s not uncommon for some couples today to share too much information about their partners on social media platforms. This can send the message that they devalue the relationship and, in some cases, have little respect for their partner’s privacy. 

Although there’s nothing wrong with sharing some details of your relationship and being active on social media, it’s good to bear in mind that a private relationship is more likely to be a happy one. If it’s something that you’d only tell your closest friends and family if social media wasn’t around, don’t share it. 



‘Phubbing’ refers to the situation where a person spends too much time on their phone or other gadgets, rather than enjoying time with their partner. According to therapists, more and more couples are ignoring their partners and focusing on other things when they are together, which can lead to relationship issues. This is because it sends a message that these other things are the most important thing at the moment. 

Cheating Has Been Made Easier


Cheating is by no means a new problem for couples, but the Internet has created a whole host of new ways for partners to cheat in many different forms. This has been made much easier thanks to social media, and even apps and websites that exist purely for the purpose of arranging hook-ups. 

However, the increased ease of cheating doesn’t mean that all millennials end up straying from their partner, but it’s certainly much simpler for those who do. 

Sharing Accommodation 

Today’s millennials are spending longer amounts of time living with their parents or sharing with housemates once they do move out. Unlike previous generations who had it much easier when it came to getting their own place, today’s young people can’t often afford to rent without sharing. This itself can put the strain on a relationship due to other people invading privacy in the home. 

Have you experienced any of these issues in your relationship? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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