Monday to Friday – Activity a day Keeps Stress Away



Due to so many things going on in our lives, we seem to get busier and more stressed by the day. In the end, we end up living for the weekend where our actual life takes place. You shouldn’t spend the rest of your week just waiting for something to happen, though. It’s up to you to
make every day stress-free and interesting. This may sound extremely hard, but with the right tips and ideas, you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling lifestyle.

1. Monday 

The beginning of the week is always the hardest. After all, you just spent two wonderful days doing all the things you love, so it’s always hard getting your head back in the game. It seems your motivation is at its lowest as you’d rather just stay in bed. Starting your tasks takes ages and you’re overall frustrated with yourself for not being more productive.

It may take longer to get things done, but eventually, you do, and it feels twice more exhausting than usual. This is why Monday is a good time for a self-care ritual. Fill your bath with relaxing salts and unwind with the calming scent of candles and some music.

2. Tuesday


enerally, Tuesday’s are like getting over a hangover. On Monday, you were still drunk off the weekend vibes, but now you’ve sobered up and are ready to get back to work. Still, there’s the slight sluggishness and headache which you can’t seem to shake off. This can render your productivity and make even the most interesting tasks feel tedious.

That’s why Tuesdays are a good day to spend some time with yourself. Take a rejuvenating walk through nature, or go for a cup of coffee by yourself. You’ll be able to kick the headache and increase your motivation pretty easily, as you’ll have a moment to breathe and think clearly.

3. Wednesday 

Now that the hangover is officially gone, you can
get on top of your work. It’ll seem like you can do anything and that no task is too hard to complete. Though this is generally the height of your motivation and productivity, you can still feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do. The excess of stress can make you grumpy and build frustration.

Due to the reasons above, Wednesdays are best for working out. Use the energy you have and keep up being productive with a quality workout that will also help you get rid of all accumulated stress.

4. Thursday 


Thursday seems to be the point when your energy starts going down again. It’s close to the weekend, but there’s still some ways to go. Sooner or later, you start hating Thursday for not being Friday. It seems the day will never end and all your energy and positive thoughts are wasted on stress.

You need something to get those energy levels up and frustrations out, so you can make it to the weekend stress-free. This is why Thursday is the perfect time to meet your friends at a 
local pub. There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm Aussie atmosphere, filled with laughter and some homebrew beer.

5. Friday 

Things are heating up on Friday, as you’ve got an excess of energy and feel like socializing, but work is in the way. This is why Fridays can seem as stressful as Monday. You know you’re almost there, but the tasks just seem to be piling on.

You can ease the tension
by scheduling date night on Fridays. This way, you’ll have just enough motivation to finish your work early, so you can enjoy some quality time with your hot date. Since it’s Friday, you won’t have to worry about turning in early and missing out on the fun, regardless of what you end up doing. One glass of wine can turn into three or four, with no consequences.

Each day can bring something new, and each activity can bring you one step closer to peace. Soon, you’ll be living your life day by day and enjoying every minute of it. Setting time aside for yourself every day will help you avoid the vicious cycle of stress, demotivation, and overall frustration. Cheers to a better week.

Mianna Korben

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