Mother’s Day Is a Hallmark Holiday, But…


When we think of Mother’s Day, we conclude that it’s a day for being thankful and appreciative for the love, nurture, and selflessness that we’ve experienced from our mothers, grandmothers, and guardians. However, the truth remains that it’s a Hallmark holiday, and a way of a company making money just like all Hallmark holidays. Does that make Mother’s Day bad to celebrate? No, it doesn’t. The same goes for every Hallmark holiday like Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, and all other days of remembering and celebrating. We should always make time to appreciate and celebrate the people that we love and are thankful for.

Many people are so busy coming up with ways to be controversial that they tend to lack appreciation for what they have in life. It’s imperative that we appreciate the things we have, and never, and I mean never take them for granted. A day to celebrate shouldn’t have to be fought for or questioned of why it exists, or to say, “what’s the point!” There will always be haters, envious, and bitter people in the world. But it’s time that all bitterness and anger subside. We need to learn the power of forgiveness and making peace. Don’t be angry at the world for the things that you lack.There’s no place in a beautiful world for hate. We’re brought into this world to learn kindness, to grow as individuals into more enlightened human beings, and yes, to procreate too. A least, that’s my belief!

For some people, Mother’s Day is just another Day. It’s looked at by them as a mere holiday for others to enjoy. Perhaps they never had a mother, a good mother, or someone as such to love and nurture them. That’s still not a reason to hate this holiday. It’s important that whether or not you had a good mother, you should be thankful for all that you do have in your life. Everyone has things that they should be thankful for. Be thankful for what you do have. Never condemn people for celebrating their love for others, and never hate this holiday of appreciation for the mere fact that you never had a mother to love you. Bitterness and hate only destroys. It destroys others and yourself. No good can come of it. Try to be happy for others. I know it might be hard for those who may never have experienced such love, but you’re capable of loving and being that enlightened if you choose to.

Let’s take a moment out of our lives to remember all of the wonderful mothers out there who have sacrificed so much. Even soon-to-be mothers should celebrate Mother’s Day, because they’re already in a place where they’re learning to put their child’s needs before their own. They take prenatals, folic acid, eat more nutritious foods (at least they should!), and they try to be careful in order so that their pregnancy and baby are safe and healthy. These are nurturing ways that mothers act. Mothers should always be appreciated and acknowledged on Mother’s Day, and always.

When it comes to celebrating this joyous day, it’s important to put a little effort into things for your mother or parental figure. Make the time to spend with your mother or family, even if it’s for a short or brief moment. Everyone has somewhat different schedules and hectic moments in their lives. But, it’s important to remember that this day comes once a year, and should be acknowledged as important. Remember, effort costs nothing. Put effort into whatever you do. If you don’t have money to buy a gift, buy some bagels and cream cheese and head over to your mother to let her know you care. If you live far away from your mother, give her a phone call and let her know how special she is to you, and how thankful and appreciative you are for the mere sake of her being alive and healthy. Let her know that she’s irreplaceable and that all of her love and nurture doesn’t go unnoticed. Be thankful, loving, and Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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