Moving Forward: 4 Ways to Cope With the Grief of Losing a Loved One



When someone you love dies, it can often mean that the world around you stops turning for at least a short time. People will want to try to talk and offer support, but you might want to be left alone. Aside from accepting the loss of your loved one, there are a few other ways that you can cope that are healthy and that will benefit those who are around you.

1. Let Your Feelings Out

There will likely be a few different emotions that you feel after losing a loved one. You might experience sadness about the person no longer being there or anger that the person you loved was taken away. Instead of keeping these feelings inside, you need to let them flow freely. Don’t worry about crying in front of others or even showing signs that you are angry and upset as these are healthy emotions instead of trying to bottle everything.

2. Help From Above

If you just can’t seem to get by without knowing that your loved one is near you, then consider talking to a psychic medium. This is a person who can channel others who have passed away. Consider making a list of a few questions that you want to ask or a few things that you want to say to the person you love. The medium can often provide details that are comforting and that can give you peace in knowing that the person you love is still close. This can also be a great time to explore your spirituality. Feeling a connection with your loved one through spirituality, however you choose to practice it, will help you feel less afraid.

3. Taking Back Life

Although you will likely want to stay at home for some time after losing someone important to you, it’s also beneficial to continue living. Try to keep in mind that the person you love is no longer in pain and is no longer suffering. It will be difficult to get on with holidays, special events, and the simple conversations that you had, but once you’re able to include your loved one in these life events in another way, then you’ll see that life can be enjoyable again.

4. Allow Help

When people want to give you a meal or help with cleaning when you don’t have the strength, then let them help you. Let people be there for emotional support as well. If you need to, then just sit with someone while crying or hugging. This can be more therapeutic than other methods of assistance. When going through grieving, you may want to just retreat into your home and go through the feelings alone. However, letting people into your life will help you move forward.

After losing someone you’ve been with all your life or even for a short time, you don’t always get over that person’s death. However, there are ways to cope with grief that are healthy for you. Keep in mind that there are people around you who care and who want to see you smile once again.


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