New Mom Tips: How to Dress Stylish During Pregnancy



Just because you’re expecting, it doesn’t mean you must give up your flawless style! Today, there are so many amazing maternity clothing options that will flatter your shape and show of your cute baby bump. No matter if you’re carrying low or high or if you’ve gained a few extra pounds from eating for two, dressing stylishly during pregnancy doesn’t have to be hard! However, if you’re feeling out of your territory, here are a few tips and ideas that will make you the most stylish future mother on the block! 

Hide Those Few Extra Pounds

While some women only gain weight in the belly, many others are not as lucky. Often, baby weight distributes all over from your legs to your face. So, if you’re just not used to being this big and if it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, don’t worry. There are amazing ways you can look stylish and feel great in your skin. For instance, soft fabrics and longer lines will still accentuate your figure, but also hide those extra pounds. A great place to start is a soft knit dress with a longer hemline that will show off your baby bump, but let you move freely. Finish your look with a long sweater to keep the entire look lean and long! 

Button-Up Shirts? Yes, Please!

If shirts were your style, don’t worry! Invest in a few oversized button-ups, roll up your sleeves and let the extra material flow over your belly. As your bump grows, start unbuttoning lower buttons for a bold look or wear your shirt open over a nice tee! You can even get a model from the men’s department and easily refashion it into a great maternity shirt! 

Make Carrying Low More Comfortable

If your baby bump is sitting low, just above your hips, wearing certain clothes can feel quite restrictive. However, for maximum comfort, look for bottoms that are soft on the waistline! One great solution for moms that carry low is the below-the-bump cut. Pants like that can look super cute while accentuating your shape! 

Don’t Give Up on Jeans

Expecting mothers who loved their skinny jeans don’t have to give up their favorite piece of clothing! You don’t have to ditch your tight-fitting pants just because you have a baby bump. Today, there are amazing maternity jeans lines that will provide you with chic and fitting yet stretchy jeans! These will allow a full freedom of movement while flaunting your new curves. No need to forget about your favorite outfits until the baby comes! 

Classy Leggings 

If you must choose only one clothing item to wear during your pregnancy, opt for leggings! They give you maximum movability and allow your belly to grow without any discomfort. They are stretchy enough to look form-fitting, but super comfortable. Plus, they can easily be incorporated into a gorgeous outfit perfect for casual days and even some chill nights out! For instance, pair a classic black pair of leggings with a long, flowing tunic. Black bottoms will look slimming and elongating, while your top adds style and airiness to the look. For more casual outings, pair your leggings with a simple tee and a cute circle scarf and voila! You have a casual and comfy look perfect for your day-off! 

Go Heavy on Accessories

If you want to add a touch of luxury and polish to your outfit, especially if you prefer to dress more casually, opt for bold accessories! Oversized jewelry will make you look extra chic and put together even when you’re wearing a super casual combo. Accessories are especially useful in the later months of pregnancy when you can’t really experiment with your clothing anymore. 

So, don’t worry about your style during pregnancy—you can still look stylish, chic and fashionable with these handy tips. And, don’t forget to show off your baby bump!

Diana Smith

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