Now You Believe It’s the Quiet Ones Who Have More Fun



You read somewhere that it’s the quiet ones that have the most exciting secrets, but you never took much notice of it. Well, your opinion has certainly changed after a night that has blown your mind and the way you look at sex. 
It was a lovely invitation from your colleague at work, to pop around to see her new apartment, which you gladly accepted. She seemed such a shy sort. You were thinking you would be enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and some light canapes, but little did you know that you end up having many nibbles of a different sort, which would include strap-on action.  
Your friend’s heart opened along with a second bottle of vino, as she told you how attractive she found you. You were curious to hear lots of stories about friends who thought about venturing into sex with another woman. Now your heart was pumping as your lips met for the first time.
It wasn’t long before you were naked on the bed discovering each other properly, as your lips, and tongues ventured everywhere. You totally let yourself go, especially as this new lover was obviously no novice. She knew exactly what she was doing, and you were ready to let her try anything she wanted to please you. You squirmed with delight when she opened her drawers and pulled out a selection of toys.
She sexily and slowly put on her Exotic Dual Motor Textured Silicone 6.5″ Strap-On, while you lay back uncontrollably with anticipation. She soon got down to work, slowly entering you as the curved tip caressed your G-Spot, while your incredible girl was going wild with pleasing you and being aroused by the pleasure ticklers in the perfectly contoured base. You could only hope that the room had decent soundproofing as you were screaming with delight.
You explored fantasies that you thought would only ever happen in books, but here you were having the time of your life. You’re uncontrollably happy that your friend introduced you to an incredible world you will definitely be revisiting, only next time at your place after you’ve become a member and bought goods from a company who have an amazing range of products and provide a fast and discreet delivery service.
Next up, it was your turn to give, as you put on the Pipedream Gold Designer 7″ Strap-On, as she obviously enjoyed large packages. You had a feeling you could never have imagined as you teased your partner before giving her everything you’d got, as you drove her to multiple orgasms. The toy was perfect, and after twenty minutes you lie there next to each other, kissing and licking, as you tried to recover some strength and composure.
What a night, and what an introduction to same-gender sex. You cannot wait until next time so you can try more strap-on fun with different models while keeping your emotions in check with your own little secret about the quiet one.


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