One Thing That We All Need in a Relationship


Being in a healthy and happy relationship involves many things. It involves good communication, honesty, trust, great chemistry, and much more. But one thing that all relationships need, is a certain amount of support. And I’m not referring to financial support here, but more so, the emotional love and support that’s given when someone truly believes in the other person, truly wants them to succeed, and truly and genuinely has their best interest at heart. 

In a healthy relationship, you must believe in each other, in one another’s goals, and be supportive during good times, bad times, challenging times, and when striving towards your goals in life. You should like what your partner does for work and you should be supportive, as well as proud of them. Having a good support system is like having a strong backbone. And although in many ways, I believe that we should be our own backbone, I also believe that a truly happy and healthy relationship involves being supportive of one another like best friends and family. 

Nothing is as good as knowing that your partner believes in you, in who you are, and in whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve in life. We all want a strong partner who will love and adore us to the point where, if we set our mind to something, work hard to attain it, and put our whole being into getting what we want, that they’ll be there through the ups, downs, wins, loses, mistakes, and throughout any hardship that it might take to get it. They’ll be our rock, they’ll have faith, believe in us, and they won’t give up on us, on what we’re trying to achieve, or heaven forbid, put us down.

We need to feel emotional support and love from our partner and feel confident that they won’t abandon us during the harder times or when things get difficult. Being able to depend on your partner is everything. And having the confidence of knowing that your partner will be there by your side, rooting for you, being a good emotional support system, and in a nutshell, being your biggest fan, is everything in a good relationship.

When you’re dating someone or in a relationship with a person who doesn’t support you or your dreams, and when they don’t give you the type of love and emotional support that you wish they did, communicate your feelings to them. If communicating your feelings to your partner doesn’t work, then they’re not really being a good partner. We should always support our partner and make them feel loved through our words and our actions. Sometimes, just being there to listen, or by being patient, and by simply being standing there by their side to provide them strength, guidance, encouragement, and support, while they work hard towards getting what they want, is a major factor not only in having a great relationship, but in having a great partner. 

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