When Your Partner Doesn’t Keep Their Word


Keeping your word is everything. Especially when it comes to dating or being in a relationship with someone. When you’re in a relationship with someone and they don’t keep their word, they go back on their word, and they fail to keep their promises or commitments to you, it’s the worst. Nothing is worse than being lied to, and it’s something that I personally will never put up with. I highly recommend that you don’t as well. 

When someone is dishonest, they lose your trust, and without trust, you have nothing. If you can’t trust someone in a relationship, then there’s really nowhere to go but to end things. After all, why stay in a relationship when there’s no foundation. Trust is a basic foundation pillar for all relationships. Never forget that when a glass is broken, it’s broken, and there’s no way to fix it. The same goes for when someone breaks  your trust. It’s imperative to be able to trust your loved ones, and to know that when they say something, not only do they mean it, but that their words have value and substance.

Many times, people will trick you, play mind games, or try to manipulate you in different ways in order to get what they want. These are the types of people that you should stay far away from, and I’d like to call them toxic. Toxic people should be avoided at all costs, and at all times. Whether you have toxic people in your family, as your friends, or as your partner in life, it’s important to distance yourself as much as possible, because they will cause a tremendous amount of heartache and pain to you.

People that are toxic drain your energy, put you down, manipulate you into thinking that YOU are the problem and the one with the issues. But the truth is, a toxic person is a bully. Plain and simple, bullies are bad to be around. I’ve written before how you shouldn’t be friends with a bully, and to recognize the difference between how a toxic person can bring you down and destroy your life, from how a loving, selfless, giving, and warm person can bring you up in life. One can never write too many articles about toxic people, because it’s something that we have to be reminded about, and to learn how to avoid. There are many types of toxic people in this world, so it’s important to spread awareness, and avoid them. 

It’s pretty easy to detect a toxic relationship, because you’ll basically experience the opposite of feeling happy and good inside. When you’re in is toxic situation, you won’t feel inspired, and you’ll likely turn into a lazy and unmotivated person. People that lie, deceive, and act in a selfish manner are very toxic, and I just wanted to write this article as a little reminder to avoid them. If you have anyone toxic in your life, think twice before letting them get too close to you, because even if they haven’t hurt you yet, the possibility will always be there. And when you know that you can’t trust someone because they break it, or because they fail to keep their word, especially when it happens more than once, there’s no hope for that relationship, so my advice would be to get out of it, and find someone that won’t let you down. 

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