When Your Partner Gets Bothered by You Having a Celebrity Crush



For the most part, we all have celebrity crushes. Some of us more than others. I wanted to write about what happens when you get into a relationship with someone who’s jealous or uncomfortable about you having a celebrity crush. As well, I wanted to expand on that with how your partner might feel about you having that celebrity crush when you’re, I don’t want to say “obsessed” with someone that’s a celebrity, but when you’re definitely a big fan, and how it affects your partner, and your relationship. 

Sure, some people might not care if you have celebrity crushes when you’re in a relationship, but other times, your partner might tend to get a bit jealous, or even possessive of you to the point where it does affect them in different ways. I mean, after all, you can only give so much security to your partner, where they know that you’re only theirs, and that you only have eyes for them. But what happens when that security that you give isn’t enough?

Well, just as I said a second ago, you need to give your partner security, but they also need to be secure with themselves, and feel confident in you and in your love for them. I truly think that in a genuinely happy relationship, couples care a lot about how they make their partner feel. And if they tend to feel insecure or inadequate about something so insignificant and silly like a celebrity crush, or even when it comes to things that you might post online, whether it’s a picture or an article, or even liking different pictures or posts on Facebook and other social media, you should give your partner security and not do it.

I mean, think about it, if it’s not that big of a deal to you, and you truly feel that it’s unimportant and that your partner shouldn’t really care because of its insignificance, then why not go ahead and prevent them from being uncomfortable or from their feelings being hurt, and holding back from doing things that bother them. Having said that, no one should feel inadequate in a happy and healthy relationship. And if they do, try to resolve those inadequate feelings in your partner, or in yourself, so that they’re no longer issues.

Despite how silly or ridiculous this might seem, this tends to be an issue for many couples. This especially goes for when someone is truly into their partner, crazy about them, and hopelessly and utterly adores them to the max. And honestly, as ludicrous as this may sound, I think it’s kind of mean when someone doesn’t care how their partner feels, and they say something like “Deal with it,” or “Get over it,” etc. It’s not necessarily a bad thing when someone feels possessive or jealous of their partner, as long as they don’t get carried away and act overly jealous or possessive. I think it’s great when couples go out of their way to make their partner feel more secure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to promote jealousy or that God forbid, one should walk on eggshells when it comes to insignificant things like being a fan of some famous pop star or celebrity. But moreso, I’m trying to promote having a little bit of understanding when it comes to how what you do makes your partner feel. And when you can prevent your partner from feeling hurt, even if it’s in regards to something so silly or insignificant, that you should try to avoid doing or saying it, and try not to do certain things that would trigger or hurt them.
Remember, your ultimate goal in a relationship should be happiness, and to make sure that both of you feel loved and adored.

One thing that you shouldn’t do when your partner is bothered by your celebrity crush, is make them feel bad for feeling jealous about it. You see, the truth is, many times couples get jealous, but they hold back their feelings and don’t tell their partner, keeping them in the dark about how they truly feel. People usually do this because it makes them seem insecure or less confident, and as we all know, we tend to want our partners to think of us as confident and secure with ourselves, and with their love for us. But I tend to think that when you have open communication, and your one another’s best friend in life, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with confiding in your partner, and letting them know how you truly feel, even when it comes to having a celebrity crush. 

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5 thoughts on “When Your Partner Gets Bothered by You Having a Celebrity Crush

  1. This is being written by the partner in the relationship that’s insecure about the other having a celebrity crush.. my partner has lady Gaga (of course) as their celebrity crush, and I’m cool with idolization but there are some things they say that make me feel insignificant and less seen than LG. Example ‘she could kill me and I could die happy and content’ or ‘I would die for her’ and I’ve brought it up because I’m insecure but it got blown to the side by them saying ‘you know they’re famous right’ and ‘they wouldn’t pay me any mind anyway’ am I still allowed to feel unsatisfied and insecure?? Should I bring it up again? Or what can I say if this is the response again. They said they would just cut all LG out of their life, even listening, I didn’t want that but the comments that she could give them more than I, their fiancé, could, is crushing. I need help

  2. What if your family or friends think your crush goes to far. Do you need to pay attention to their criticism about it or is your crush your business?

  3. My now Ex girlfriend literally never offered me love and affection, ever… it’s the reason we broke up ultimately, she freely gave it to celebrities as often as she possibly could, she actually thinks we’ll get back together eventually…fat chance. I’ve never in my life felt bothered by celebrity crushes til her, and I think literally only because she so freely gave affection to them and never to me. Other women have had crushes and I’d think it was cute if anything… this would be too if only my affection were reciprocated. Gave me some bullshit reasons as to why all boiling down to “she’s broken” clichés like “it’s not you its me” and other nonsense, financial insecurities etc etc but it didn’t matter, affection was never there from the start… I dunno, this is an old thread but it’s relevant to me now. Good riddance to her, find someone who hopefully gives a shit upfront next time… Don’t let people treat you like they’ve merely settled on you folks.. and especially don’t pursue them because it’s a good story on paper and you just really want it… they might be the complete opposite of what you need in your life. you deserve better.

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