Partying This Weekend? 4 Ways to Stay Safe on Your Way Home



Are you planning on partying this weekend? We all have to face the daily grind of a work week. This means stress from deadlines, managers, and even co-workers. We may want to enjoy our time off by sipping on a few adult beverages. It might be time to party,  but it’s also always time to stay safe. Here are 4 ways you can stay safe on your way home.

1. Prepare Not to Drive

It’s very important to know when to say when. Consumption of alcohol in large amounts can lead to deadly consequences. The last thing you need is a DUI or wreck on your record. It’s equally important to be prepared for a ride home. You should always prepare not to drive if you plan to party. Do you plan to get a taxi or uber? Maybe you have a friend who serves as your designated driver. There are choices you can make before you even pick up your first bottle of alcohol that could equate to safety. Never leave the decision of how to get home after you have had alcohol. Make it a habit to always think of your transportation beforehand.

2. Drink in Moderation

Moderation is the key to having a good time without going too far. Do you really want to have one of those nights to remember where you end up leaning over a toilet? Drinking in moderation can help you enjoy the night without going overboard or regretting it the next morning. What about one drink maximum per hour? You can also wait two to three hours before leaving for home. You can drink plenty of water and perhaps even take a nap. This allows you time to sober up.

3. Partying Doesn’t Always Mean Alcohol

You can sing, dance, and play without alcohol. Alcohol does intensify things. However, you can still enjoy your time without drinking at all. Perhaps you can be the designated driver for your group. It’s a noble cause to help your friends get home safely to their individual destinations. It also helps you get home without issues.

4. Sleep Over If You Feel The Slight Bit Intoxicated

Your friends will probably allow you to stay the night without having any issues. They understand the dangers of driving while intoxicated. You might consult a traffic law attorney if you’ve already been arrested for a DUI. If you haven’t, there’s no better time to be safe. Sleeping the buzz away is never a bad thing. It allows you to get rest and drive without incident. You may not like waking up in the same clothes or sleeping without your pajamas. It’s much better than the alternative. Would you rather wake up in jail? A DUI can lead to giant charges, time in jail, and a loss of your ability to drive. It can also lead to vehicular homicide. Is there truly any party worth that?

If you’re planning on enjoying your time off work this weekend, remember to always plan ahead and consider yours and others safety.


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