The Perfect Recipe for the Perfect Relationship


We all have hopes in finding our best possible match in which whom we can create a beautiful love with that can last a lifetime. When looking for that one special match, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for. We should all have a must-have list. As well, it’s important to ask a lot of questions early on during the dating period. If you asked questions that are irrelevant or that are just conversation fillers during early dating, you’re missing out on truly getting to know a person.

You should be asking certain questions that you feel you’ll need to know in order to go forward with a person. You should definitely ask the right questions, and find out whether or not you’re the best possible match, and if you ultimately want the same things in your future. So once you’ve gotten to the point of exploring an exclusive relationship, you should always try to improve it by doing these following points.

Concentrate on Giving:

Give, give, give. You should try to please your partner as often as possible. You should want their happiness, and many times, if not most of the time, before your own. It’s important to be giving to your partner, and have no motive when doing so. Your giving and loving actions should naturally be reciprocated. If they’re not, then you need to communicate your feelings to your partner. Remember, do things for your partner “just because” you love them.

Be Honest and Open Book:

The best relationships always have an immense amount of honesty and trust. When it comes to being open book, that doesn’t mean that you need to pry into each other’s pasts. The past is dead, gone, over, and can’t be changed. Concentrate on today and tomorrow, and be open about your current feelings, and what goes on throughout your daily lives. Don’t be dishonest by keeping your partner in the dark on certain subjects that you think might bother them or upset them in any way. Be open book and honest with your partner so that your trust for one another can develop, and so that the relationship can thrive.

Improve Your Communication:

Talk, don’t yell or scream. Learn to discuss, as opposed to avoiding confrontation. Learn to communicate your feelings and to listen to your partner’s feelings. Developing great communication is everything in a relationship if you want it to last, and if you want it to thrive. Healthy communication involves being a good listener, as well as knowing how to communicate your feelings in a calm and loving manner. Learn what triggers or provokes your partner, and avoid doing or saying those things.

Be Affectionate and Make a Lot of Love:

As far as lovemaking, it’s important to be open-minded, and to communicate likes and dislikes as far as intimacy goes. Both people in a relationship should feel satisfied in the bedroom (and outside of it). Intimacy, just like anything else, should never be one sided. Affection is a must if you want a successful and happy relationship. When it comes to affection, holding hands, the warmth of an embrace, cuddling, and for obvious reasons, making love are all things needed to feel close to our partners. Intimacy is something that should be based out of love, despite your intimate preferences.

Remember to be giving and selfless in the bedroom. There are many things that can be done to keep things spicy in the bedroom, and variety, and spontaneity are just a couple of them. As well, make up sex is a must when it comes to a certain aspect of healing and making peace after an argument. It’s important to let things go when it’s time to sleep, and to show warmth and love to your partner. You can always discuss things in the morning if there are unresolved issues. But closeness is something that should remain every evening, at least, when you’re living together or married.

Be Selfless:

Again, give, give, give. Try to put your partner before yourself when possible. Think of their needs, as well as your own. No one wants to be with someone that’s selfish and only thinks of themselves. We all want to find a partner that will be loving and selfless, and care how we feel, and what our needs are, as well as their own.

Put Effort into Everything:

It’s important to put effort into the things that you do in life if you want the best results. The best relationships are when both people are equally working on improving things on a regular basis. When a couple truly wants to please their partner, it takes putting effort into things, and money is never an issue when it comes to the amount of effort. You can’t put a price on the immense impact that putting effort into doing things can achieve. When you put effort into something, as opposed to just getting it over with, you’re showing that you care about the results, and even more so, about pleasing your partner.

Do Your Share of Things:

Relationships should always be give and take. They should never be one sided where one person does everything, and the other person just sits back and enjoys. It’s important to discuss early on certain aspects of work, business, and future goals, and what you’re okay with, and what you’re not as far as that goes. As well, it’s important to do your share of things at home when you live together, and when you’re married.

Even if one of you is a stay-at-home parent at some point, it’s important to help out around the house. Balance is very important in every aspect in life. A balanced life is a happy life. In other words, things should naturally be somewhat even in a relationship where both people work hard trying to make the relationship work. It’s like a teeter totter when we’re kids, and if one person gets up off of the teeter totter, the other one falls down. Remember to do your share of things in every aspect of your relationship.

Be Appreciative:

Be appreciative of your partner, and of all of their good qualities. Concentrate on the good and what your partner has, as opposed to what he or she lacks. Concentrate on all of the good and beautiful things that your relationship has as well. Stop thinking of the things that your relationship lacks, but instead, think of all of the positive aspects, and be appreciative of them. Let your partner know how much you appreciate them on a regular basis, and even for the little things that they do.

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