Is Being Too Picky Causing You to Stay Single ?


Everything, yes everything might seem nearly perfect about a person that you’re dating, but at times, that’s just not enough. Perhaps you’ve figured out what you want in a partner, and you’re not willing to settle for “almost perfect.” And why? Well, because you want your perfect and exact match! However, you must understand that you will never find a person who’s perfect to the T, and you’ll never find exactly what you’re looking for in another person. However, I wrote this article to dive into this subject that I’ve previously grazed upon in an earlier article (see: “Picky About Everything“), and I’m hoping to shed some more light on this subject, adding some finer detail.

Being or becoming too picky, can turn into a problem, if you’re not careful. As well, it may be the main or predominant reason for why you’re still single. It’s important to understand the power of knowing your self worth, when it comes to being picky. If you know what what you want in a future partner, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than that. Having said that, many people are actually taking “knowing what they want, and not settling” to an extreme extent, in which any little thing that doesn’t meet the person’s requirements and they’re out! It’s important to recognize when you, yourself are starting to become too picky, and taking that extreme, because you might end up living a very lonely life, if you’re expecting to find perfect.

Finding the best possible match for you

Many times people will find someone to be a great catch, and most of the world would likely, and universally agree that the person is in fact a great catch. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find the person to be a great catch. At times, even if you do find the person to be a great catch, they might not be the right great catch for you. The same thing goes for beauty. Sometimes there are people in this world that nearly everyone would find attractive, but you may not. Everyone has a different opinion, and it’s more than just power, brains, and beauty. Finding true love, and a partner for life involves finding something way more than skin deep attraction. It involves compatibility and the right kind of chemistry.

It’s important to know that just because someone is a great catch, whether it’s from their beauty, brains, body, mind, personality, charisma, and whatnot, they may not be the right match for you. You should know what you want, or at least have an idea of what you’re looking for in a partner. But, you shouldn’t get so picky, that you never let go, not get to know a person, and not give things a chance, simply because you’re resistant to learning more about someone based on superficial things. It’s important that if everything seems right, and as if a person has potential in being a great match for you, you need to give that situation a chance. Like the old saying goes, “Don’t let love pass you by.” I think the saying is from “An Affair to Remember,” and the actual quote is as follows:

“We’d be fools to let happiness pass us by.”

-An Affair to Remember

It’s important not to let love or happiness pass us by, because sometimes in life, we get an opportunity to experience true happiness, but because of our own ego, we tend to get carried away, and strive to find perfection. Meanwhile, we’re possibly missing out on who or what could be not only something that will bring us utter happiness and warmth inside, but something that could be everything that we’ve been searching and longing for, and more.

Settling vs. Almost Perfect

It’s important to give things a chance when you see that things are almost perfect. Almost perfect isn’t the same thing as settling. You see, settling means that you’re not getting what you actually want or have been looking for. Whereas dating someone that seems almost perfect has all of the potential and possibilities in the world to be everything that you want. Almost perfect has potential, whereas settling means that you’ve already come to the conclusion that the person or whatever you’re thinking of doesn’t meet your standards.

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